Making Monday Mine!


Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Ready to start my amazing new week!

It’s almost back to school time, getting super organized this week and have my week all planned out.

It felt kinda awesome to wake up to a surprise from my daughter, who cleaned the house last night. Which is not to say I have lots of work to do around here and really work on getting organized now + get some daily household chores set into habits. My home is one area that has been completely out of balance in my life! It’s going to be a MAJOR clutter MISSION!

I have decided I really need to micro-manage my time. So, this week I am keeping a running journal, for everything from workouts, house stuff, meals, feelings and all that good stuff!

OF COARSE— Priority #1 is MESelf-Care. Time for leisure, reading, friends, and enjoying the last of the really nice weather! Dates with friends to the gym & Lunch dates!!!

Then… I am going streaking. Workout streaking that is!!!!. I plan on active rest days! Some may even be some end of summer play days!



I took a much needed, break from blogging and now I am ready and inspired to upgrade and re-vamp my blog.

So, be on the lookout for major changes in the next few weeks!

My plan for the next few weeks is already set in motion and it’s going to be AMAZING!

Life is too short — it’s MY TIME! I’m READY Bring IT ON!


Ambitious — August


Happy Friday!!!!

Welcome August! <3

I can’t believe it’s August already! I don’t know where this year is going! I want to make the most of this last full month of summer! I LOVE summer and haven’t got a chance to enjoy most of it! Weather has been crazy! It’s just gray and gloomy today or it has been too darn hot! They are calling for thunder storms this weekend.

Am I gonna let that get me down?!?!

Heck to the NO!

I Love a good thunderstorm! I just pray that there is lots of rain to go with it, to help the wildfires burning here in Washington State!

I have a few major “Intentions” for the month of August!

* P.S. It’s my Birthday Month!

* Focus on my productivity and get the certifications that I am going for.

* Focus on my ABS — ABS August!!! Strengthening my core is a BIG one!

* Run, Run, Run, and runs some more!!!!

* I am putting it in my mind and I WILL lost some weight this month! When I really focus on losing weight I DO!!!! Let’s watch these lbs melt off with the heat of the Summer!!!!

(I may come back and edit and get detailed on this list later. Gonna spend some time writing in my journal and have appointments and some important errands to run!!!

I plan on making August Injury free, and ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!! HOW ABOUT YOU?!?!?


Motivation –ME — Monday


Happy Monday!

I said, I wasn’t gonna blog this week! I was just Kidding! LOL

I have a successful week all planned out! I CAN do this!! I absolutely hate the word Can’t! My ego keeps popping in my head randomly and has NOT been being very nice. Luckily the other voices told my ego to STFU!

I put a sticky note on my bathroom mirror last night that says, “YOU GOT THIS”


So what is going on this week!?!?!?!

I have a few priorities this week, listed in order!

1.) Study for CPT Exam, exactly one week from today is when I take it!

2.) Workout EVERYDAY!

3.) Meals are planed, stick to them!

4.) Continue to look for Sponsors for my Team In Training Raffle for my fundraising for the Nike Women’s Half in SF! So far it’s gonna be pretty AWESOME! You don’t have to wait until my prizes are announced to be entered in the raffle. I will say it will be a awesome prize package that I will add stuff to myself as well, and also a separate raffle for those that can only donate a dollar. Five Dollars gets you one Raffle entry! Each One dollar gets you into a separate drawing for Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks Gift Cards! What are you waiting for I need your help!?!?!? Enter Here. I think my chances of getting even better sponsors will go up if I get some donations. It’s for an amazing cause!!!! Even if all you can do is one dollar I totally appreciate it!

5.) Wake up and BE AWESOME!

Sound like a great week?!?!?



**Satisfaction — Sunday**


Happy Sunday!!!

I am up at 4am on Sunday Morning planning my week!!!

I have ONE week and ONE days to prepare for my CPT exam! I’m a freaking out a little! However, I have just got to get BUSY. I’m in a cramming situation! Not because I have not studied, I did too much studying early on and then got caught up in Spring Quarter at college~* In other words I have a week to go through each chapter by chapter, videos to watch, notes, cards,  fill in workouts and meal plans.


I may or may not take a week off blogging. This exam is priority #1! I am MOST definitely taking  the week off blog surfing. I get  started and next thing I know hours have passed! I’ll prob be on social media, but my time is totally gonna be limited! I can’t quit it all cold turkey right?!?!?!

Well, off I go to get everything for the week planned etc.


What are you doing to get ready for the week?!?!?

Blessings All~*

Thursday — Random Thoughts


Happy Thursday!!!

I hope this find you all having a wonderful week!

I’ve been on the injury list :( I slipped on a piece of paper going down the stair and landed on my booty! I think I am feeling better today. Perhaps, start back at it with some Yoga. Instead of feeling down and eating everything in the house, because I can’t workout, I’m practicing a little extra self-love and gratitude! I have been been focusing on other goals and keeping my meals super clean. I’ve had a lot of blessings the last couple weeks. I’ve made a major attitude adjustment when it comes to my life.

I’ve been excited to get out of bed at 4:30 am (for no good reason.) No alarm, it was P***ing me off for a while, that I could not sleep past 4am! Instead I am choosing to take, “The Attitude of Gratitude” and enjoy my quiet mornings while everyone sleeps! I used to be a night owl, waking up at 4 still leaves me draggin’ part of the day! I am LOVING my daily naps right now!

I took a little break from “blogging.” I would start something and IDK delete it. I just didn’t feel like it! I’ve been writing more daily in my journal! I am LOVING my journal time.


~A New Moon is Approaching.

It makes a lot of sense to me that we are affected by the Moon phases. I mean, we are made up mostly of water and the moon affects the tides and other factors here on Earth. I can’t think of any reasons why the Moon would NOT affect us. I found this really interesting article…

How to Alchemise the New Moon Energy to Manifest your Goals

I really like the idea of crossing off your goals throughout the month! I’m gonna give it a shot. Why Not? It couldn’t hurt right!



Things are happening in my life. And, I couldn’t feel any stronger that my time is now and I AM READY to spread my wings and fly. It would be too hard to explain right now, but let’s just say I feel it, change, growth, happiness, joy,  and some very amazing things that I have been working on are coming together .

I am just HAPPY!

That is all!!!

~Thankful Thursday~


What are your Thankful/Grateful for? :)

Many Blessings to you all, Laurie~

Random Saturday


I know, I know! You have seen this “quote” a million times.

Why? Because, it is so AWESOME and so true!

Self-doubt is a bitch!

In my heart, I know that this is TRUE! 

That is all!

Just wanted to share a little Saturday Inspiration.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

BELIEVE <3 Nothing is impossible and get there and ROCK IT!