TGIF — AmrapBar Review + Giveaway


Busy? On the go all the time? These bars from Amrap Nutrition are so delicious and packed with nutrition!

I got the opportunity to try each of these new flavors and review through Fit Approach AKA. Sweat Pink and AmrapBars they are SO YUMMY!!! I couldn’t even pick a favorite! (Allergy warning contains protein from egg whites and also contains nuts.)

They have a AMAZING Blog. Check it out an be sure to leave me a comment with which blog you liked the most! I really liked this blog post on, “How the Paleo Diet Benefits Runners.”

I am doing a Giveaway!!! Be sure to enter to win to try these delicious who food Nutrition bars! Enter to win Here.

Here are some links to check them out!


Good Luck everyone! You can also enter to win from my Facebook Page!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!! XOXO





Sunday — Night Before MY 21 Day For The Glow — Metabolic Reset


Twas the night before the 21Day Metabolic Reset Challenge and all through the house…..


This isn’t my house!

And, 4 kids that aren’t mine are stirring allllllllll over the house. I am so totally prepped and ready to take on this challenge.

It’s not the fitness/ nutrition challenge that will be the challenging part, It is doing it from someone’s home with LOTS of kids. Five kids here and my two at home. Long story short… My best friends husband was in a bad accident at work and he is over in a special hospital until at least Sunday. My friend didn’t leave me a car-seat for the two year old. Thank GOD my daughter drives and has been helping me this weekend, Luckily I found a loner car-seat tomorrow and when my daughter will not be around to help.

I had to bring my juicer and blender, back and forth from home grabbing stuff and get food for all these kids and food for my challenge! Right now all of a sudden I have a beautiful quiet moment. Calgon take me away! Seriously, I’ve been here since Friday. It has been an adventure I will tell you that. And it’s a long week ahead of me! Oh yeah, and kids and myself have been sick. Me, bad sinus infection settled in my chest. Kids are getting over strep and one kid with a double ear infection. So, I have been to walk-in clinics lots of prescriptions to pass out and keep straight. I am so glad that I finally got on some and finally getting relief.

It’s QUIET night here. I let them all wear themselves out. I have my food prepped, detox tea that I am going to add Coconut oil and Cinnamon to almost ready. My alarm set early. I am gonna have to get my workout in, way before kids wake up. I am going to spend some time ME time journaling, reading, and mentally preparing myself! I am not gonna let this chaos get in the way of my challenge! I am ready to #getupandglow



I love that word!

I have the intention of success and getting everything taken care of here and other things that I have to be doing!

Starting off the challenge on Labor Day, I didn’t have plans anyways. So, I am happy I don’t have to turn down a good BBQ!

I haven’t really had a second to think, much less write a blog. I am going to use this blog to track my progress.

LOL the only thing I forgot was my yoga mat! OOPS. I literally brought half my house over here!

I got on the scale today and it said, “HELP ME!” LOL!!! I know for a fact all my fall clothes from last year do not fit, I have been living in yoga pants. I have to stay accountable and organized and I’m ready!

I honestly don’t know how my friend keeps her sanity. I’m used to two kids! So here’s hoping I make it through the week with out literally going CRAZY!

Anyways, it felt really good to hide myself away and write this!!!



Happy Friday~* Life In Pictures LinkUp #LIPlinkup


Sunday — Had a AWESOME Birthday!! My sinus infection let up for the day to let me enjoy it!


Birthday Dinner! Hubby cooked my fresh Sockeye Pesto Salmon (that I caught BTW!) with fresh garden Beans and Onions from the neighbors garden!


Beautiful Birthday Sunset! I love summer sunsets where I live!


R & R this week! Sinus/allergy problems lasted all week! Enjoyed my downtime. Went to gym and couldn’t make it through the workout, I wasn’t ready yet. So, picked up a Mag and read about working out since I wasn’t up to it!


I absolutely love reading Miracles Now! I pick a random page in the morning each day!


Got these delicious bars from Amrap – Review and Giveaway coming soon!


Received this little treasure! Make Success Mandatory. By Jeremy Scott Fitness. Read it, it was so good. Going to re-read it and — Review Coming Soon~*


Spent a lot of time SOUL searching! Awesome things happening on Heather Waxman’s Blog!


I just LOVED this by @healthydiva!!!


Best FIND of the week! Overhead someone telling me it was AMAZING… And so far it is!


Taking this to saying to HEART and I am willing and ready to start opening up more here on my blog!



JOIN ME! It’s not too late to join in this AMAZING challenge with me! Right now today starts the PREP. Challenge from For The Glow! One of my personal favorites from Jennifer Jordan, 21 Day Metabolic Reset! P.S. There is an amazing group of AmaZzzzzING women, let me know if you are joining me!


#wordstoliveby from the oh so wish Cookie Monster!!!!


Loving my daily Green smoothie, trying to get this sickness to go Away!!!!

Thanks for visiting!Fit Fed and Happy This was my very first #LIPlinkup

To Join the FUN…check out Life In Pictures Link Up <3

Everyone have a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend!!!




Happy Soul Sunday — Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday To Me & Happy Sunday!!!!


Another year older & another year wiser~*

Woke up at my usual 4 am (no alarm) time. Spent some time with my journal and coffee! I can’t believe how fast the years are flying by at this point in my life. I’ve been waking up at 4-5am for months. If I go back to sleep I feel like crap when I wake up. So, I have graciously accepted that if the universe wants me awake at 4 am then… SO BE IT!

I used to be a night owl. But, this was when my kids were little and had early bedtimes. It’s taking me a long time to come to terms with this early hour. For a while I was dragging all day & a little pissed off that I couldn’t sleep in. Now I enjoy the peace and quiet of my mornings with every one still asleep. I would have to stay up REALLY late now to have this kind of peace and quiet. I guess it’s part of growing older. I do have to have a nap during my day & I am in bed before 10pm. I’ve tried staying up later, but my body clock still wakes me up this early! This may change as the days grow shorter. Just a few weeks ago if I got up at five, the sun was already coming out to greet me. Now it’s completely dark when I wake up. Once school is back in and perhaps I find a job this will all be changing. I used to enjoy my evenings when everyone was all sung in their beds, just as much as I have come to enjoy my mornings.


Everyday IS a Second Chance~* (My mantra to get me through each and every day!)

Now, I have a whole new year upon me. I am actually very excited for it!!!! I have had, major personal growth in this last year and it feels AMAZING!  It’s time to set some new personal goals/intentions for this next year. This last year I spent learning, preparing, and setting myself up for THIS YEAR! I’m at a even age and it’s still a even year and I have BIG plans! Personal growth and development are still my main priority. However, now I am READY in my mind, body, and Soul to take daily action towards making my dreams come true.

Priority #1 — ME — This is my time and TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE!



Remind yourself that it’s okay NOT to be perfect! A big fat Halleluiah!

This is hard…..

But, I am getting there and realizing that it really is OKAY!

In fact I LOVE that I am Perfectly Imperfect!


Cherish Yesterday ~ Dream Tomorrow~ Live Today — Richard Bach

I wrote a very long journal to myself this morning, about what I want to accomplish for the next year!

This journal entry is super long and completely attainable. I’m not ready to share all of it here on my blog yet. But, I will write out my main point.

* Daily, Daily, Daily!!! Habits, Workouts, Making time for MYSELF, and taking a step each and every day towards the direction of where I want to end up in a year! #DreamBig

My first major intention is Weight-Loss! This requires some major dedication! I am once again on a plateau! I know exactly what I need to do to break it. It’s only a little extra effort #Igotthis #imREADY — I’m going to be brave and post my transformation and progress on my blog & keep my friends and family aware of this intention, instead of keeping it to myself. I know exactly what to do…Now I just have to DO IT!

I could write all day, I will get more into my intentions in future blogs, but for now I am gonna go ENJOY my Birthday!!!

No Excuses!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!



Thursday Thoughts~


Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

The month of August is just flying by. I can’t even believe it is Back To School time already! I woke up extra early to get a workout in before taking my daughter Back To School Shopping and to a doctor appointment out of town today.  It’s so crazy to get up and it’s still dark out.

I’ve been extremely vulnerable to other peoples energy with the state of affairs that have been going on in the world. I had to cut myself off from watching the News for the most part.  Sure there is good things happening every day, but when it comes to the news right now… it makes my heart break. I see what’s going on and I read about everything on the internet. But, it is not how I have been starting my day! I’ve been turning the TV on right to Pandora Radio to set the tone for the day. I must say, it’s been a very productive and busy week.

My Birthday is in a couple days. Another year wiser. It’s been a good year, pretty amazing actually, however I tend to think of my birthday as a “New Year.” A time to refresh, reflect, and make some new intentions for the next year.


This quote by Mila Bron, rings so true for me. I really am learning to trust my journey and all the bumps, hiccups, and setback that go along with it. When I look back and reflect on where I have been and where I am, it’s nothing short of Amazing.

Where my journey is taking me in the future is pretty exciting as well!


I have been practicing a lot of “gratitude” and giving myself a whole lot of “grace” lately.

Everyday is a fresh start, full of possibilities and I am “getting there.” A light bulb went off and I am just taking my time, going with the flow, and going to see what happens next on the journey I call life!


Making Monday Mine!


Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Ready to start my amazing new week!

It’s almost back to school time, getting super organized this week and have my week all planned out.

It felt kinda awesome to wake up to a surprise from my daughter, who cleaned the house last night. Which is not to say I have lots of work to do around here and really work on getting organized now + get some daily household chores set into habits. My home is one area that has been completely out of balance in my life! It’s going to be a MAJOR clutter MISSION!

I have decided I really need to micro-manage my time. So, this week I am keeping a running journal, for everything from workouts, house stuff, meals, feelings and all that good stuff!

OF COARSE— Priority #1 is MESelf-Care. Time for leisure, reading, friends, and enjoying the last of the really nice weather! Dates with friends to the gym & Lunch dates!!!

Then… I am going streaking. Workout streaking that is!!!!. I plan on active rest days! Some may even be some end of summer play days!



I took a much needed, break from blogging and now I am ready and inspired to upgrade and re-vamp my blog.

So, be on the lookout for major changes in the next few weeks!

My plan for the next few weeks is already set in motion and it’s going to be AMAZING!

Life is too short — it’s MY TIME! I’m READY Bring IT ON!