I Heart Hemp Hearts — Review + Discount


Happy Thursday!

TG it’s almost Friday!


I absolutely LOVE Hemp Heart to use as protein!


Unfortunately, I don’t have any good Pics to share due to switching phone and camera issues. So, I started Pinning on a new Pinterest board ~ You Can also find some amazing Recipes on the Manitoba Harvest Recipe Page! I will be adding my own recipe pins so keep your eye out!

I add Hemp Hearts to just about everything!  I add them to Juice/smoothies, salads, veggie toppers, Oatmeal, Pancakes, Desserts, Yoguart,Dip a Banana in almond butter and dip that in Hemp Hearts (YUM!) The possibilities are endless!!! Literally you can use them for just about everything. A lot of my smoothies require, just throwing every fruit/veggie that needs to be used up and adding Hemp Hearts. I also do this for Salads as well. If you blend your own homemade salad dressings, you can even throw some in the dressing and blend it!

I admit it I can be a snob on certain things! It makes me happy that these hemp Hearts from Mantitoba Harvest are Certified Non GMO Project Verified!


Want to learn more about Hemp? Click Here!

Try them for yourself if you haven’t already fallen in love with them already! If you have please add a recipe in the comments!

Here is a awesome Discount code that you can use at checkout! Here is a 20% off any purchase at ManitobaHarvest.com with the code HHSweatPink14

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I received a small bag of Hemp Hearts to try. The opinion’s here are my own! I use Hemp Hearts as a staple in my daily Diet!

Tuesday #RealTalk


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Happy Tuesday!!!

Personal Update! I’ve been on another little blog time out! One of the main reasons; I am working on myself! Taking time for self care, focusing on homework, focusing on studying for CPT Exam and Studying for my glowFIT instructor training, and trying to keep up on schoolwork & get N’ my workouts in! I feel great about everything! I just had writers block again! I’m still working through The Artist’s Way! Which I am loving, in week 7! On one day a couple weeks ago I got these really cool journals on my Artist Date! I also got a New Yoga Mat! Got these to inspire me on my new journey and keep me engaged and focused! I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately and trying to find my “Balance!” Let’s just say I am a total work in progress!!! Meditation and Yoga are keeping me sane while I have been a little “under the weather” to boot!

My Mantra for each New Day! Leonie Dawson Baby-steps! I got this! My morning pages are helping me get to the root of my issues! I can’t possibly say enough good things about them, even when I don’t want to do them and don’t want to hear what they are saying! <3

Sometimes…. I just have to take a step back and look at what is really going on. I am finding my confidence again! I’ve been frustrated lately, but I am feeling much better now. This Virgo is grateful that Mercury Retrograde is over with! It’s time to get ME right!


I love IG! Feel free to add me @lauriev767

One disappointing thing that happened recently is that I got a new phone with the worlds WORST camera! So, I haven’t been happy with pics that I have been taking. I am gonna try to figure out how to take better pics. I have a LG Optimist if anyone has any advise on this matter! Man having a new phone is kind of emotional!  I had to remember passwords, think about what I lost on my old phone, it was just a pain in the @$$! But, at least the battery works more than a hour! I try to keep a gratitude attitude about it.


OK…So what to do when you have too much on your plate?!?!? Take on a BIG HUGE challenge! A totally different kind of marathon! This is huge for me! I am participating in NaNoWriteMo !!!! Write a novel 50,000 words in the Month of November for National Write A Book Month! I am so excited about this, and it will have nothing to do with Health and fitness. I found local groups with this website, lots of fun activities and local write ins! Basically that’s 1667 words a day and I am going for it! If your interested in participating with such a awesome challenge… Add me as a Writing Buddy LaurieV.


Yup, so that’s what’s been going on in my corner of the world!



Sensational Sunday — Random Thoughts


Happy Sensational Sunday!

MAN I’VE BEEN BUSY! (In a good, AMAZING WAY!) Sorry, for my lack of keeping up on the blog! First of all school is Fabulous! It’s a little more than I bargained for in the homework/assignment department! But, making it work! Three all online classes is NUTS! I knew that going in, but it’s kinda like having a baby! You forget the PAIN and work that goes into all of it! (LOL!) I made it through the cleanse I was doing last week. I feel SO much better. Nothing crazy,  just really a eat real food cleanse! Got some good workouts in. Feel like I have FINALLY taken care of my back/hip problems! Now, I just need maintenance! Feeling like myself again and it’s beyond words.

And, The Truth Shall Set You Free… After posting a little about my not eating as good as I should be, and gaining weight, I felt the biggest, hugest, RELIEF off of my shoulders! And, I talked to my friends about it as well. It was like I did a 180. And, just getting it out there, was enough to get me back on track. I went to the doctor last Friday and my cholesterol is WAY too high! I mean WAY! So, it was a major wake up call! Ever since then, I had some “Heart to Hearts” with my good friends and it just clicked and change happened! Not on the outside, but on the inside! It feels like my last blog post was a million years ago! I consciously made the decision to do better and I have. There is something really amazing about the Mind/Body connection! Then all the other pieces of my life started falling into the right places!


I hope you had an amazing weekend! I know I did! It started out on Thursday with a girls day trip out of town to go get a book for school, some shopping, and had a wonderful Girls Night out on Friday! I have been spending the weekend doing glowFIT instructor training. I will be all day today, as well. I literally made the decision Thursday to GO FOR IT! And, I am so excited! I finally feel like…… I am exactly where I need to be in life and doing WHAT I should be doing! It’s the BEST feeling in the world! I am so “Inspired!”


Anyways, busy, busy! My school work is going to be, a major catch up session, and I got this! No worries! At first I was stressed out and deiced it is not worth stressing out over! I’ve totally GOT THIS! Good things are happening and I am staying on the train, riding it out, and taking time to “enjoy the view!”

I hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

Lots of LOVE!!



Just Another Random Wednesday — Confessions & Randomness


Happy Wednesday!!! Hump day!!! Half way through the week! And, super busy week it has been and will continue to be! For some reason I woke up at 2:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep so I am up watching the Lunar Eclipse and getting caught up on homework. “Getting caught up,” is the theme for the week so far.

Note to self: Preparation is KEY !!!!! I will not be making that mistake next week. And, using the next few days to get caught up on everything, so I am NOT waking up at 2am thinking, “Crap I have so much to do!”

Started the week off on Monday unprepared, I didn’t get to food prep or even schedule my week this weekend! Totally threw me off! It’s just been crazy! I am blaming Mercury Retrograde! LOL

Monday, I took my Mother In Law in to remove a large tumor from her Breast. Doctor said he got it all and is most likely benign. So, thank god for that. Still waiting for results, he said if it was cancerous he got it all anyways.

Tuesday, I had a lot of running around to do, homework (still not caught up,) got to just a little house work, and was HAPPY I made it to the Gym and met a friend fro Zumba, met a friend there. Man, never regret a workout!!! I was thinking of excuses, my back was bothering me, I had stuff to do etc.I felt like a million bucks after my workout. Another note to self: Workout when I really don’t want to!

OK… Confession Time… I got on the scale at the gym. (Insert face of horror here!) I knew I had gained weight. But, I didn’t realize how much! and watching myself in Zumba class I felt so critical of myself and the weight I have gained. and, then to put the icing on the cake. The instructor asked me if I was pregnant, and said she had slowed down the workout for me, thinking I was pregnant. I’m not offended, she was nice about it, that’s how I felt watching myself in the mirror! My pants kept rolling off my belly, so I kept pulling them back up the whole time. Why am I not offended? That was my wake up call. It put me on “girl on a freakin mission” status! I have an AWESOME accountability partner for the For The Glow, glowFIT 90 day challenge. Sending in my before photos and measurements and weight today. I will be posting progress pics, to stay accountable here on the blog!

Anyways, this leads me to Wednesday 4:30 am here and getting myself taken care of today! It’s “ME” day! I have a massage and Chiropractor appointment this morning. Finish taking care of my issues, that was part of why I wasn’t getting my workouts in. And, when I am not getting my workouts in, I go into self sabotage mode! I just don’t know ever since school started, my back was out, and I was having bad sciatica. I turned to food. My “old” ways crept back up on me.

Also, I got behind on my October Blogging Challenge! My last post was Friday! Another thing that makes me feel bad is when I say I’m gonna do something and I don’t! So, I am gonna run through a quick catch up on challenge blogs. I said this was gonna be random right?!?!? At least I will be caught up and I can move forward!


4. Explain the story behind your blog name!


It just happened! I started my blog with a name I hated. Healthy Obsession for Fitness. True, I am a little obsessed. But, It just didn’t fit me. A lot of my #hashtags were #betterlatethannever !!! If I overslept and got my workout in late it was #betterlatethannever to workout! I am getting older (sigh) and went through years where I was NOT being KIND to myself and my body, I am going to school after a few failed attempts when my kids were younger, it’s much easier now that my kids are older. And, so what if I didn’t get my education in earlier, it really is Better Late Than Never! Also, I didn’t want my blog to just about fitness. It is about my own self improvement as a whole. Which involves so many aspects! To be quite honest, it was really just a journal that I didn’t expect anyone to read!

5. Top five Movies!


I really have a long list. I could probably name my Top 50 favorite movies! But, here are 5 off the top of my head.

1~* Star Wars….the whole series!!

2~* Big.

3~* The Goonies.

4~* Never Ending Story.

5~* Orange County.

This one is a odd one. kinda glad I was behind, because I don’t think I could come up with a whole blog post on this.

6. Six Pet Peeves.


1~* Sagging Pants! It wasn’t cute in the early 90’s and it’s not cute now.

2~* People that are “judgy,” or just plain ignorant. This could cover several topics. I am just a “to each their own” kind of person. Even those with saggy pants LOL

3~* Crowded stores. It really brings out my anxiety!

4~* Photoshopped Models.

5~* People who don’t take care of their animals!

6~* Negative people!!!!!!!!! I’m too sensitive to be around negativity!

OK! I am ALMOST caught up to today! WHEW! I feel so much better now! Now on to homework and housework, before my Massage and a nice long nap!!!!

XOXO, Hope you all are having a great week!

OH….. and one more thing!!!!!


I found where to get this amazingly cute hoodie that I posted the other day!!! I am totally buying this even though it’s kinda expensive!!!! YAY!

Fabulous Friday Fun — Wish List — Outfits for the Season


*~Happy Friday~*

TGIF this week, for sure!!!! This has been a really long week! Tonight is my night to volunteer for my daughters cheer them. Which makes for a long, but rewarding day! I go on the school bus to away games with fifty cheerleaders with the coach.

Confession Time!! Today’s theme was “OOTD”Outfit of the Day. However, If you seen my somewhat empty closet and empty dresser, you might be shocked! My outfit isn’t even gonna be picture worthy! My warmest Yoga Pants and a big School Spirit Hoodie and Boots. Honestly, I have nothing really cute that fits. Clothes have come last on my “to buy” list for a long long time. When did this happen? Oh, a little after I got married and started having kids! I have seemed to put myself last on the shopping list. This is just “unacceptable!” I don’t even own a jewelry box for gosh sakes! The first thing I but when I do shop, is plain yoga pants and running/gym shoes. I am always “waiting,” I will buy that later, or buy that when I have more money, or when I reach a smaller size. I don’t even LOVE my current running shoes. I thought they were cute, but now they are just uncomfortable.

So, I will make a wish list for Fall/Winter. Starting from the feet up. Workout clothes to evening wear. I am even going to make a new board for Pinterest.


If that is true, that is just sad! It’s time for me to at least bet myself some basics. I am going to pretend money is no object!

First, I need a good pair of Kicks for the Gym! A outfit for the gym, work, a Night out and PJ’s!


Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 2

Women’s Running Shoe $125


Nike Epic Lux Printed

Women’s Running Tights

I found this on Pinterest. Not sure where to get it, but I will find out!!!



Incredible by Victorias Secret Sport Bra


Now what to wear to Work/School?!?


I Found this on Pinterest. Now sure where to get it. But, I will be on the lookout! I love this simple look. This could be worn from day to night!


Here is another work. school outfit that I found the whole look at Lookastic!

Also, On Looktastic a Perfect Black Dress!!!

Plein Sud Jeans Plein Sud Bodycon Dress
Oh My GOSH I could go on forever finding all this cute stuff!!! I mean FOREVER!
OK I will end this post with some PJ’s from Victoria Secret! This could go on for days, I keep finding more and more cute stuff!! But, I have an appointment to get to and I will work on my Pinterest Board later!

The Fireside Long Jane Pajama VS $52

So, that would be a wonderful day to have all of those clothes and outfits!!! I really didn’t realize how long this post could get when I keep finding more and more stuff. So….That’s all for now!

TGIF!!! Have a wonderful Weekend!!!



Thankful Thursday — Fall Edition

thankful thursday

Happy Thursday!

This morning I woke up way before the sun will come up! I woke up at 4am. Just a few months ago, I was angry/irritated every morning that I couldn’t sleep in, no matter how hard I tried! Over the past week my early wake ups, all of a sudden, turned into, dragging my booty out of my bed every morning a half hour later, a hour later, to late wake ups where, I just didn’t wanna get out of bed. I just wanted to stay warm and toasty,snuggled in bed all day. So, I was waking up feeling like I was hung over. Then stumbling through my morning feeling stressed out and thinking, “OMG I don’t have enough time!” I think I have been actually waking up between 4-5 am and then just forcing myself back to sleep. I didn’t even look at my clock before I grabbed my stuff off my nightstand and got up and headed to the coffee pot. Notice I didn’t say stumbled! I drank my lemon and ginger H20, which I knew was waiting for me, as I had prepared it the night before, while I was waiting for my coffee and lit some incense and sat down and wrote out my Morning Pages.

Voila!!! What came out as I wrote them is that I am thankful for my early mornings! I love being awake while I feel like the whole world is sleeping! and, since I am no longer  Night Owl, mornings it is. I would prefer the time to be about 5-5:30 instead of 4 am, but I will take what I can get. I LOVE my daily naps. Even when I slept in I still felt the need to nap!

So, I just made a short story long, my first thing I am Thankful for is….. drum roll.…Early Mornings!


I am -Thankful to be ALIVE.

I am -Thankful my back is feeling better.

I am – Thankful for my Friends!

I am – Thankful for my COFFEE!!!!!! Very, Very THANKFUL!!!!

I am – Thankful for Fall and all the changes that are changing inside of me as the season changes!

I am – Thankful that I am in school. No matter my complaints I am truly grateful. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to afford this quarter. I feel truly blessed with good/amazing classes, that I feel connected with, and just have a overall feeling that I am where I am supposed to be.

I am- Thankful For Fall. I feel the winds of change stirring inside of me and I love it.

I am – Thankful for “DUH” Fall Sweaters, Hoodies, and Boots!

I am - Thankful for Bonfires.

I am – Thankful for Hot Coco & Warm Apple Cider.m

I am – Thankful for my home and lovely Fireplace.

I am -Thankful that I just celebrated my 20th anniversary with the LOVE of my life! (yes, I did get married at 9…lol)

Most of all….. I am thankful for the promise of a Brand New Day, a Brand New Month, and a Brand New ATTITUDE!



List Five things….GO!