Happy 1st Of July~*

I love the promise of a new month! Even a new week, or a new day for that matter! “A Fresh Start” is what life is all about! ❤

My goals for this month are simple… eat healthy, drop a couple of  pounds, improve my run (to where I can run a whole mile straight without stopping!), not to miss ONE day of physical fitness (even if it is an active rest day), do VERY well is school, and PLAN for success! Not planning to fail or worse, not planning at all!

This month I have committed to #30dayabchallenge , #plankaday, #RWrunningstreak (on day 10 today), and keep up with http://toneitup.com/ calendar and nutrition plan!! I LOVE all the support I have found from all my #TIUsisters at Tone It Up! Best discovery of my life was finding @ToneItUp !

I am on day 7, of the #7DSD and going to end it with a few days of the #5DSD from the http://www.toneitupdiet.com/


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