Name Change for my Blog

Just had to make the change healthyobsession4fitness was not working for me! I mean I do have an obsession with fitness…look around my house there are hundreds of workout, fitness magazines! 95% of what I do online is centered around fitness. If you look in my email it’s ALL fitness stuff! I subscribe to everything fitness!  I love to work out…It’s food that is my weakness!! 

SO, where did I come up with Better Late Than Never…Well…It is kind of my mantra I AM getting older and getting a late start on doing EVERYTHING the right way. I am in school and damn, I wish I would of done that right after high school! I waited until my health was in trouble to quit smoking and work out REGULARLY! I quit smoking back in November of 2011, with a brief relapse in February, but I got right back on the smoke free wagon and been good ever since. After years of drinking too much, I finally gave that up too! On June 7th. My body just can not handle it. All I have to do is have a few and I can have some serious blackouts! Very scary stuff! 

AnyHoo, I’m not even sure if I changed it right I am still unsure with what to do WITH MY BLOG, BUT IT’S A LEARNING PROCESS, JUST AS I AM LEARNING EVERYDAY ABOUT HOW TO BE HEALTHIER, lose wight, and find my own happiness. I have had a lot of struggles, health problems, setbacks, etc etc etc!!! But it’s NOT too late… I want to live a very long life and I am PROUD of myself for making the changes that I needed to make to improve my life! One year ago I couldn’t run 20seconds now I CAN run  minuets! 


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