Week One

First things first! Going to take all my measurements, weight, pics etc. today! 

Second, re-read the http://www.toneitupdiet.com/ (Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.)  I am REALLY gonna focus on keeping myself on track with food. My focus is NOT to be on a diet right now, It is a lifestyle change. I am staying away from slim downs (FOR NOW) and just focusing on the plan itself and living “Lean, Clean, and Green!) Saying goodbye to pop, excess sugar, and processed foods! Image


The third thing is BALANCE! I need to balance my challenges, workout calendar. couch25k plan, workouts, #bootycalls etc.!!! I am keeping up with the http://toneitup.com/ workout calendar! I don’t have a specific Marathon in mind yet to be my first, but I will know what it is, and when I am ready when the time comes. Right now I am just focusing on improvement! I am doing week 6 http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml again this week, because I did NOT accomplish week six last week. 



Listen to this voice!!! I CAN do this!!! 

The month of July I pretty much had one focus and that was running, learning how to and getting past my FEARS. There is a voice in my head that starts in on me after only a min or two that tells me “I can’t do it, going to have a heart attack, or stop breathing!” This comes from my many years as a smoker, there is a long story which is a whole other post I my write someday, but today is NOT that day. I will just finish this thought with a pledge to myself to keep up on my running goals. I am NOT a runner right now, but I am working on it and I sure as hell AM NOT giving up. 

Focus of the Week…Image

This is a LONG shot goal for me. But nevertheless, I am going to turn my focus on my abs and core. I LAURIE DEDICATE THIS WEEK to my ABS and core! Just place extra focus on this area and keep this goal in the front of my conciseness. When I am running on the treadmill, I will hold my core tight and visualize the 6 pack. In every exercise that I do, I will keep my “mind focus” on my core. Mantra for the week is a simple thought “six pack” lol. 


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