Post N Run…Literally!

I am really proud of myself!!! I had a good week last week!! I kept my food pretty clean with minimum cheating!!! My weight is the same but I am down a couple tummy icky inches!! I am doing week 7 #couch25k in about 10 min soon as I lace up my shoes and head to the gym. Outside runs are still hard!! Running is hard!!!! That just makes me more determined to lean how to “run!!!” Well, I am off to concur the treadmill! I NEVER thought I could run more than a couple min straight!!! 




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1 thought on “Post N Run…Literally!

  1. Note to self…. Never write about a workout before it happens! I had a very very ADD workout burned a lot of calories, but just couldn’t stick with one thing! Running is still hard for me! I hope it gets easier after I drop some weight! #confession I felt really guilty about not getting my workout in as planed! The last couple days I have been eating too many carbs and drinkin pops not too bad I just feel guilty. Ready to clean my diet back up and get on my mission!

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