Life Change in Two Weeks

First, I have to say Rest in Peace to my wonderful original BOHO girl Aunt Diane Baker. I am sad.. and I will miss her forever! I can not go home to Michigan it happened too fast and there is just no way i can. That’s that hardest part is I can not be there with the rest of the family.But, the most AMAZING thing is I have stayed on track with my workouts and have not binged or went off the deep end. I haven’t even drank because I know… that is the straw that would break the camels back! …and here is the MOST AMAZING PART…..

I won the & #manifesto contest. And won a Mala necklace. I NEVER win anything! I am so excited! I KNOW this will be EXACTLY what I need to keep me on track. It is just so perfect. And with my aunt being a very spiritual, universal person, I can’t help but believe she had a part in me winning the contest! She told me a couple months ago after her nephew passed away that she would let me know after she moved on and would get a message to me. Well, she sure did. There is no contest in the world that could of meant more to win! I will treasure this necklace always and draw strength on my journey that I am on, to stay on task and never give up.


Toning your Soul…. When I read this post I JUST KNEW in my heart that this post was special and what my Soul need was a little toning! I even woke up in the middle of the night one night just to re read this. Balance…I need more in my life. I have been using mantras when I am running…and I try to envision myself skinnier while I am working out in order to push myself. I am adding more yoga, and meditation into my life!  I really look at this like I just received a gift from the universe saying I am on the right path and keep going!

Well, my change in attitude has made a change in my waistline! Around two inches. And I have lost three pounds which takes the scale under the 150 weight 149. It’s been forever since I have been able to move the scale down. NO GOING back now!!!

What had really got me through is the AMAZING support of my #TIUsisters! The support in the community is AMAZING! I can never ever get the words out to express how grateful I am to alllllllll the girls I have met and developed lifelong friendships with all because of “Tone It Up!”

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