One Day at a time~*

On September 2nd, 2012, my Father in Law passed away unexpectedly at a much too early age. The positive of the situation is he went FAST an absolutely no suffering. I haven’t had the heart to blog, I have just been trying to keep up on workouts and being there for my family. My Mother in Law, has been with my Father In Law since she was 15 years old. It is all she knows! It has been a horrible month for her. My husband is very close with his father, I am really worried about him, and my children have taken this really hard, and I don’t think they have all dealt with it right. 


With the situation being what it is, all the more reason to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF AND MY OWN HEALTH! I have lost 3 family members this year, and all of them could of taken better-care of themselves health wise! 


I am in school, and BUSY! I love being busy!!! I just have to get my schedule tweaked right, in order to have success with my goals!!! 



 Changing goals~* 

I have been trying very hard to improve my running! But, I am gonna let that take a back seat for a while and turn my focus on weight loss! I plan on sticking more to HIIT workouts that burn fat and longer distances, and more calories burned. Also, developing a well rounded  routine around my schedule, in order to reach my goals. 

SO far this month, I have a fridge FULL of fresh fruits and veggies, I bought a juicer, This is MY MONTH of really taking control of my nutrition and optimizing my chances of losing weight. I am on lifestyle change, not a diet. I already feel the benefits of eating healthy! My staple is the and my lifeline is my Tone It Up friends on Twitter!!!!  

I am going to get back to blogging, and get back to checking in on the , but mostly I can be found checking in on twitter. And now with my new iPod that I am learning how to use, I can start taking pictures of meals, video check ins, it is going to be so much more fun!!!!! I just have to figure out all the tech stuff!!! 

Well, I am totally grateful with all the support that I have found at the @ToneItUp community, as I have MADE it through, with the sadness, I have had to face this year. 


As of NOW the mission is on!!! I WILL SEE RESULTS and I am super excited and dedicated to my weight loss/ toning up challenge! #girlonamission #lookout 


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