Preparing for an AMAzzzZZzzzzing Week!!!!

Sunday is my prep day for the week. Especially busy weeks like this one coming up! 

Today is a day of cleaning, laundry, etc etc!  Also, helping my mother in law move and dang I haven’t really done homework this weekend! I have A LOT to do!!! And GOING to get my run in! I will feel HORRIBLE if I don’t start off my week with my #SundayRunday ~*

This week my main focus on is eating clean! Oh that… and AMAZING workouts of course! 

My second focus is working on my spirituality, my focus, and my intentions. I have been neglecting this! Meditation  and Yoga, my goal is to do both EVERYDAY this week!!! #NOEXCUSES No matter what! As well as, extra focus on stretching and flexibility! Visualization, make a new vision board and #manifesto for fall today! 



Cheers to my yummy green healthy juice that I will start my day with EVERYDAY after my Fresh Juiced Apples for my morning Meta-D! My snacks, perfect fit protein, and lunches will be ready to go the night before! 


I will add my whole weekly plan later tonight! Right now I gotta get BUSY!!!!! 


This is my path, and I will stay on the road!!! #NO-DETOURS #NOEXCUSES


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