Practicing the M word in bed every night~

Not what you are thinking…. The M word I am referring to is meditating!  I have been sleeping so good! I discovered pod-casts, and you tube meditations on my iPod. I was searching for “something” to bring more balance and Zen in my life.


Really focusing on my health from the inside out. I have been trying to fit in more yoga, I am making a commitment to really “learn” everything I can about yoga and meditation.I NEED this balance!!! 



SO… this is my new mission. 

As of now I am not very flexible and beginner yoga is my starting point. I have books, magazines, and I am studying to really work at making this part of my lifestyle. Not only am I “trying” to be a runner, I am “trying” to be a Yogi. I want to eat clean, find this balance that is out there in order to complete my fitness and weight-loss goals! I am really excited about these new changes in my life. 

Another goal in this mission to Zen is eating clean. Nourish my body to fuel my mind, body, and spirit! 



I am going to stay on my path to good health. I am going to have the body I want. I AM going to have the life that I want. I have a late start, I wish I would of had this healthy goal earlier in my life, but whatever! I have it now and I AM going to have SUCCESS!!! 


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