Bringing in the New year, WITH a SUCCESSFUL December!!!!!

I just can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! I have made so many POSITIVE changes this year! I am truly, proud of myself. I may ramble on about all that later.

Right now, I am pledging to myself to blog EVERYDAY! Even if it’s a short ramble about nothing! I am involved in a few challenges at the moment!! (I will get into each one in detail later!) OK, maybe I have taken on too many challenges AND it’s the end of the quarter the next two weeks and finals….one word STRESS!!! I am OK with that BRING IT ON!!! I personally Love challenging, It keeps my goals in check!!! I am really focused on bringing balance into my life!!


I always look forward EVERY month when the calendar comes out !

I am going to make this a GREAT month, with careful planning, and help from my friends on twitter, the tone it up community, email, and from the #elf4helth challenge. I really have been paired with a GREAT  partner!

Well, I will get into more details later. This is my personal journal to getting ready for a freakin fantastic year in 3013. AND I am getting started right NOW!



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