Taking Care of ME!!!!

SO…. all year I was the cardio queen, despite my hip and back issues. I just kept at it, probably making it worse for myself! I have been avoiding some very important things, Going to the doctor, who prescribed muscle relaxers, chiropractic deep muscle therapy (AMAZING), AND massage therapy!!! I started the deep muscle chiropratic therapy last week, I already feel SOOOOOOO much better. Plus stretching and Yoga were recommended. I just got my Tara Stiles 4 disk DVD,last week, and ended my night today with a Tone It Up Tuesday arm routine and 50 min of PM Flow. AMAZING!!!! Now I am heating my back and hips as recommended! I wish I had NOT been neglecting stretching and yoga! This is exactly what I need right now to complete my exercise routines and I feel so much more in tune with my body. I am still practicing meditation EVERYDAY! Image

This pose is AMAZING for my bad hips!!! 

Another neglected area, the dreaded dentist!!! I went last month for a root canal and survived it lol! Have one more cavity to fill and then work on my treatment plan for cosmetic work. Let’s put it this way I went 10 years with wisdom teeth that needed to come out and cavities for 10 years! It took two years to get them all filled! My secret to getting back in was I need nitro before a simple cleaning!!! Image

Next up is my appointment to the Gynecologist. NOT EXCITED about this at all but it has to be done!! 

We are only given one body in this life, and it took me a LONG time to really CARE for it! I quit smoking a year now. And I started when I was 14! I quit drinking in June, because my body just can’t handle it, ever since I had my gall bladder out. This has been my healthiest year EVER! I can’t wait to make 2013 even better!!!

It all started when I found http://toneitup.com/ and became a active Tone It Up girl. I love the community and on Twitter! I made my twitter account specifically fitness, health, and nutrition, for There is SOOOOOOOO much support and I have made so many friends. I love the nutrition plan. I changed my eating habits completely! I could go on, I’ll save all that for another blog. I have lost 20+lbs (this year) and have my work cut out for me to keep going! Image

Right now I am staying on track with my #elf4health challenge! It helps to have an amazing partner!!! 

I have 3 challenges coming up.

I am doing the http://www.fortheglow.com/resolution challenge! I have a group of 4 awesome girls (bonuses for having a group of 4 or more!) If anyone is interested is joining us on the team let me know! It was only 20 bucks, I was gonna buy the book, and got the challenge instead! 

The other challenge is Tone It Up members challenge, I think on the 17th of December! EXCITED for this! I did SOOOOO good for the #HolidayHottie challenge!!! 

And, last but not least, The GoFitGals SK (skinny jeans) challenge that starts on Jan 15th. http://gofitgals.wordpress.com/ Just need to sign up with your email!! And like them on twitter and Facebook! 

Well, time for me to get to bed!! Early morning #bootycall for this girl! Ready to take on my day tomorrow! Image

I am really just HAPPY! I feel joy and all areas of my life are coming together! 

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