#BOOM Winter Break~! Finishing 2012 STRONG #girlonamission

I am not exactly done yet, have to go in Wednesday for a Final and study, but I am on winter break!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! 

So, I have NOT kept up my personal challenge to blog everyday this month! End of this quarter killed me! But, let me try this again and TRY for every day for a week! This is just my journal, I am not trying to become a serious blogger or anything. I just like to look back at when I’ve been and see how far I WILL go! Image

I’ll save the blog about how far I have come this year for another day! Today I am just planning my week! I have had a awesome time keeping up with challenges in the #elf4health. I LOVE my round one partner Trish still keep in contact with her! She is an amazing woman!!!  Check out my round two elf match up Laura’s Blog. http://rememberhealthy.com/ HOW PERFECT is that for me to get matched up with a running coach! I am so inspired to get back on my mission of training for my first marathon! Well, 5 K to start. 2013 I AM going to run a half!!! 

Here is my agenda for week four in #elf4health http://nutritionella.com/elf4health/

Monday, December 17
 Do a circuit workout today!
Tuesday, December 18
 Treat yourself to something you’ve been craving!
Wednesday, December 19
 Bake cookies! Find a healthier recipe to try or make some healthy swaps to an old favorite
Thursday, December 20
 Winter is the perfect time for casseroles! Make a casserole for dinner tonight. Add extra veggies and go easy on the cheese and sauce.
Friday, December 21
 Pay it forward! Do something nice for someone else.
Saturday, December 22
 Going to a holiday party? Eat a snack before you go, choose water and split dessert with someone else. 
Hey look what happened to Big Boy after he put down the burger! LOL ImageImage
Also, I have made two more friends that I call adopted elfs!! This challenge has helped me make a whole bunch of new friends!!! 
It all started one year ago when I found Tone It Up. My life and lifestyle has completely changed. Before I discovered http://www.toneitup.com/ I never used social media as a weight-loss/fitness motivator! I have made so many REAL friendships. I feel truly blessed! I got this amazing card in the mail from a girl I met through Tone It Up. It totally made my day!!! It’s not letting me upload the pic I took of it for some reason, but here is what it said on the inside of the card (which by they way Alyssa snuck in different kinds of teas taped to the card it reads….
 Such a Rockstar you are! Not only have you motivated me & supported me, but you have been such an inspiration! Thank you so much for your kind “tweets” and positive vibes! I hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas surrounded by your loved ones 🙂 2013 beter prepare itself, because you are gonna rock it! ❤ Alyssa Dawne 
That just made my whole year! 
At my husbands company Christmas party a few people came up and told me how proud they were of my accomplishments and enjoy following my progress. I am just so excited to bring in a new year knowing that 2012 was such a success!!! 
Now, break has begun and it’s time to get my serious #girlonamission status on! Got my bestie Amy on board wo go do daily gym with me and I will have my second workout at home, while I take advantage of this break! I am just so inspired and motivated to REALLY finish this year off right! The Tone It Up members challenge starts tomorrow. New workouts to try every day and there was a awesome Holiday edition to the plan that came out today. I am also dusting off my Runners World training journal, and write every day down. I was going to wait until the new year. But, no reason to wait to do that I start tomorrow! Full commitment in everything! 
Just excited about everything!!! Since the Holiday Hottie challenge I have lost a total of 10 lbs!!! And KEPT it off. & during the challenge and three more after. Which is freakinfantastic!!!! 
Anyways, Image
I am so happy to say that…
1~* I HAVE went for what I wanted this year! 
2~* I have asked for help many many times, I took all the support I could get! 
3~* I HAVE moved forward and there is no turning back now! 
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1 thought on “#BOOM Winter Break~! Finishing 2012 STRONG #girlonamission

  1. You are such an awesome person! Keep up the great work ! Thanks for being my cheerleader when I really needed one!

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