Thankful Thursday #elf4health

I have been blessed with so many wonderful blessing in my life it’s had to narrow it down to just 20! I consciously try every day to spend some quiet time to be thankful for everything In my life, I have been blessed with so much! Even during very hard times (which I have had a lot of!) I am truly grateful for all that I have!



My top 20~*

1~* My husband who is supportive of everything I do. And has put up with me for 18 years now! 

2~* My two wonderful children who I am blessed with. I LOVE my kids with all my heart! 

3~* Family. I am blessed with a supportive family on my side and my husbands! 

4~* My pets, two beautiful labs, new parents and 10 healthy newborn puppies! 

5~* I am grateful that I found which has led me to twitter where I found ,  #elf4health , a amazing community, TONS of support, and it was really a breakthrough in changing to a healthy lifestyle, and taking advantage of all the social media to keep me on track with my goals etc. And SOOOOOOoooooo many AMAZING friends that share in the same goals, and have given me so much support. 

6~* Jesus who sacrificed himself, to save me from my sins. 

7~* I am blessed with a wonderful home to raise my wonderful family! 

8~* I am grateful that I am able to scrape by and afford school without any financial aid help. 

9~* I am grateful for my girlfriends who always know exactly what to do or say to turn a bad day into a good day!!!! 

10~* Modern Kitchen and regular Appliances. I am not even joking! I would of been screw in the olden days having to do all this house work with out help!

11~* Modern electronics. I love being able to keep in contact with my family who are all far away via. the internet! Social media helps me keep my sanity as well!! 

12~* I am grateful for my health, and the changes I have made this year to improve myself  IE. Quit smoking, drinking, gave up MOST greasy foods. In exchange for living a healthy lifestyle. 

13~* I have been blessed with a positive attitude, strong morals, and general positive outlook on life. 

14~* I have wonderful giving neighbors. 

15~* My husband has a stable job that has provided my family with all the necessities.

16~* Cute exercise clothes and gear! (keeps me motivated!)

17~* Grateful that  the world didn’t end. 

18~* I am alive This should of been number one. If I was a cat, I would be on life #7. 

19~* Grateful that I am happy and look forward to each new day! And I take time, each and every day, to reflect upon my gratitude! 

20~* Grateful I discovered meditation, yoga, and running. I am a beginner at all of them, but I just KNOW with this new year and my determination I will be at a expert at all three by the end of 2013!!!






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