Last weekend of the year!!! I Am using it to JUST RELAX!!!!



I am IN BED this weekend!!! Not because I am sick, JUST BECAUSE!!!!

Reading a good book right now and I am enjoying the quiet and comfort of my room!! Note to self clean room (later!) I may get out of bed to go take a bath, or eat, and some yoga today. 

I am already stressed out about my next quarter of school that starts Jan 2nd. I am going to have to stay super organized to keep up with everything and the New Years Challenges I have committed myself too! But….I am PUMPED, EXCITED, and just plain ole’ HAPPY!! So bring it on 2013 I AM READY FOR YOU!!!! 



Last week on the #elf4health challenge!!! I can’t believe the time went by so fast! Had so much fun and met so many new FRIENDS!!!

Bringing in this year with the Resolution Challenge!!! Loving it so far!!!!


Also Tone It Up is having a 6 week challenge!!! Image

Exciting things are coming this year for me I can FEEL IT!!!!





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