Random Check In~*~*~

I don’t know why I haven’t posted this year yet! I have wanted to! I have wanted to vent about how stressed about school I am AND post about all the success I am having. But, I feel so out of sorts. I am getting my workouts in EVERYDAY and am sticking to the @fortheglow #ResolutionChallenge Detox. Honestly I can’t believe it will be a week in 4 min that I committed to the detox protocol and eating 100% clean! No dairy, MEAT (BIG BIG challenge for me!!! Oh and no caffeine!  NEVER thought I could make it past two days! Idid have some caffeinated herbal teas a couple times, and today I had to have a really strong cup of coffee, for reasons that would be TMI LOL ! It worked for the reason I needed it, I will leave it at that! I am keeping up on the Tone It Up challenge as well! So much inspiration going around right now!!! The detox challenge IS a huge test of my will power, and so is doing daily workouts, with my INSANE schedule at school!! Physics (HARD), Chemistry, and I do like my Creative Writing class. Learning a lot about how I have writers block OFTEN! So I haven’t posted resolutions, or goals, because I wanted my plan to be perfect.I didn’t want to write all this stuff and fail. And most days I couldn’t even get started on my blog! I have so much to say,my brain is all whacked out between the detox and long long hours at school!!! I am overwhelmed, but actually staying right on track!!! I have so much on my mind, all I can handle right now is brief check-ins. Oh my gosh I could go on and on!!! So, I wont!!! I will just resolve right now to blog daily, even if my check-ins are random and make no sense to anyone but myself! 

I am taking CARE of myself this year! And the weight is just dropping off!!! I meditate daily as well!! I mean EVERYDAY!!! I almost always fall asleep to sleep meditations! 

Anyways, I am not gonna worry about what I write, I am just gonna focus on writing NO MATTER WHAT! I have so much motivation and at the same time, I am so stressed out! Mostly school and not having enough hours in the day!  

Well, Happy 2013! Tomorrow my plan will be to reflect on 2012, And then move on to figure out what I WANT in 2013 and how In am going to achieve these goals.

Late night rambling session over…… PEACE OUT!Image 


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