Think about why you started…Running ~*



How did I get started!?!?! 

Somewhere Around Feb-March 2011

One day me and my “bestie” Amy were huffing and puffing (and lots of laughing and joikin, gossiping in between) the elliptical, right in front of us on the treadmill were girls just running their asses off (girls with goal bodies I might add) and my friend Amy says to me, “girl we gotta start running”!!! Me, “why” Amy, “have you ever seen a fat girl run?” Almost fell off the elliptical with laughter! I don’t know why, but this sparked something in me. So,that night I picked up a Runners World Magazine,and the next day, we went to the gym and looked at the people running on the treadmills and with magazine in hand, we both said “bike!”So I read the mag while I was on the easy bike, finished it, and wen’t back to the magazine basket, and of coarse the same issue I just purchased was right on top. Looked through the pile and almost all the magazines at the gym were Runners world magazine. So for about another week we did bike or elliptical, I thought to myslef I just have to get my endurance up on the elliptical before I try the treadmill. Readjust about every mag in the basket about running, while I was thinking about running. So one day a couple weeks later I don’t know which one of us said treadmill, so we got on it! I made it about 30 seconds running, and then walk, 30 seconds, and I said we sound like a heard of elephants on these and just walked to about 20 min. Still looking online and reading about running, we ried the treadmill again, maybe 45 seconds and my heart rate was in the 170s. I thought to myself, this is what I need to be doing. So we were started treadmill (15-20 min, with like 30 second sprints, up to about 1 min 30 seconds), going to the gym every day, got our elliptical up to about 45 min, bike 30 min. Got all signed up for school, with classes together, that we planned on working our workout schedule around and what happens….

I break my freakin ankle! Girls night out gone WRONG! Girls night out+ Heels = trouble! Close to the worst 4 months of my life. Somehow I managed it through that quarter with 4.0’s. Well, I didn’t have anything else to do but study. Worst part was the fact I had to use a wheel chair at school and was in a LOT of pain. I tore all the tendons in my ankle as well. I had to get rides from people, who had room for my chair. Luckily I had another “bestie” Jenn (who I was out with the night I broke my ankle) who came over a lot to help me out. With stairs at my split level house, and it was non- weight bearing for 4 months, I literally had to be carried to the car, or scoot down on my ass step by step. and split level meaning I had stairs to go up/ down to get to front door from outside. A LOT of fun drinking nights and funny stories came out of those days! Some night, we have no idea, to this day how It happened, but I bent my crutch. I mean literally bent the metal with blue scraping on the side of the crutch. None of OUR vehicles were blue. Oh well, I guess we will never know! But, I am sure we had fun, 

Skip 4 months later, physical therapy, (summertime), I got the go ahead to go back to the gym and ease back into it! YAY! My friend Amy was glad to get her gym partner back!!! Ithink she went one time with out me! 

Skip to two weeks later… Emergency Room and rushed out of town for emergency hernia surgery. UGH that was the worst ever! Pain for months! And, to top it all off, I was gaining weight like there was no tomorrow. I really was binge eating and drinking A LOT! 

Skip to November 2011, YAY I got the go ahead to get back to the gym and ease into it! Every-time we went, my friend Amy would be like, “you better not hurt yourself, I am not losing my gym partner again. I started eating better, quit smoking, because I had my eyes on the prize and that was to learn how to be a runner, and lose all this weight I had gained! So I was once again #agirlonamission. 

End of 2011, I discovered social media via. Tone It Up community, made a twitter, the whole sha bang! First 15 came of really easily. Probably 15 I gained from quitting smoking!) the I’ll never be able to put n to words how adding social-media has changed my life for the better and how much I have changed, as a person, diet, stress level, fitness etc. 

I’ll end this here, I’ve rambled on long enough!!! 2012 is a whole other story! But, let mejust say it’s a good one! Wink Wink~*



To Be Continued………….. 

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