Life Happens~*~*

And unfortunately so does the flu! Took me out for a week and two day, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it!

Well, It happened, it’s over, moving on! Time to get back on track!


I am really happy that it’s a long weekend and there is no school tomorrow! I have LOTS of homework to catch up on LOTS!!! I am very grateful this bug is gone, don’t even really remember the last week! This week, focus on getting workouts in and eating SUPER healthy! Going to get my grocery shopping done after the gym. Get the house cleaned, get all the icky germs out of here today. I really wasn’t prepared with my crazy schedule to get sick. Good thing is  my weight stayed the same, so I am just gonna “get er dun” and pretend last week never happened! OK time to get motivated!!!




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