40 Days of Commitments~* Day One~*

OK Make that 42 days !!! 🙂

Just starting Day One~ of the new book Book, May Cause Miracles! http://gabbyb.tv/Image

Day One~ Today I witness my fear~

I am going to use my blog as a place to journal on this new journey I am on, as I continue with my current journey. And add to the commitment of doing the daily exercises in the book I am making my own personal commitments for these 40, I mean actually 42 days. I am really excited, just getting on a not so great weekend of bad eating after, being good for a while and watching the lbs melt off, it only took three days to fall back into old habits and put some of the lbs back on!

Well, that stops today. I will add to this blog later today, to journal about my day, but right now it’s time to get my booty to the gym and get my DAY on #BringItOn


And just like that, a new journey begins!!!!!

Noon: 2/11 Class canceled so I had my “miracle moment” a little early!

Todays Morning reflection:

Today I am witness to my fear. I open my heart and mind to see how I have chosen fear over love. Today I will watch myself as if I am standing across the street peeking into the world, I have created. I will witness how my fears run the show. I will pay attenetion to my patterns. Without judgement I will become conscious of where my mind chose wrongly and how these fear-basedthoughts have trained my happiness. I know this pratice is the first step to discover my destructive patterns to create powerful change. I am ready, willing, and able to look at the delusional thoughts I’ve been projecting . I am willing to witness my fear.

Gabrielle Bernstein~ May Cause Miracles Day One

On another note: I completed week 7 day 1 c25k before school this morning! It felt great to get a good workout in, followed by a yummy protein green smoothie!!!



Another long Monday! I wrote the evening exercises for today in my hand written journal.

Basically my fears were when I stepped on the scale I already knew the number was going up today, based on poor weekend choices. fear confirmed up 3 lbs. Fear diminished…I have 3 more awesome lbs to lose to be awesome lol!

Fear #2 is school, I feel overwhelmed at times sporadically through the day! Just have to step back and say I will pull through like I always do!

Going to finish with a evening meditation and lights out!

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