Ummmm….Day 6~*~*

Yeah I missed a few days of blogging!!! BUT, I am blogging now #betterlatethannever right?!?! 

While reading May Cause Miracles, Days 2-5 I kept up on the readings, I wrote in my physical journal, I even broke down and bought the meditations for my iPod! BUT, I could bring myself to write it all down here?! Not doing what I said kinda of brought be down a little! Face N’ my fears is serious business!

#truth Somehow in working through my fears! I gave in to one of them. “Binging.” I had lost a bunch of weight, and right now I feel like I gained a lot back. I was conscious in my poor decisions to overeat and put all the wrong foods in my body, in excess. It was kind of like I already messed up so I might as well give into the other feelings and cravings! 

So I,messed up so what! It’s a new day, time to really get back on track! Right now I pledge 110 % of my energy to finish out the with all of my dedication plus more! Thanks to a few friends, that I email with really keep pulling me back from the ledge!!! P.S. I also, got them into the book as well!!!! 


It’s up to me! I am not gonna let a couple lbs bring me back down!!! 



OK, so back to days 3-5. I am just going to let go, forgive myself for not blogging them and move on!!!! Long story short, top fears, not having time to accomplish everything, binge eating, keeping up with school work, staying true to mySELF in my commitments, and self sabotage. (last one is the biggest!) I SEE progress and I think, this is not right I am not worthy of success! My fear of failure is equal to the fear of my success!! 


So, this brings me to day 6! Miracle day! 

My Morning Reflection: 

I forgive myself for getting stuck in fear. I believe in miracles. Today I am grateful because I have the willingness to remember that miracles are my birthright. Today I open Up my consciousness and participate in the co-creation of miracles. I know that when I am miracle minded , I have the capacity to witness and experience miracles in all aspects in all corners of my life. I believe in miracles. 

Gabrielle Bernstein~ Day 6 May Cause Miracles. 

My affirmation for the day which I will set every hour is simple, But powerful, I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! 


Today is….MY day!!! I will Own this day!!! I already did a morning meditation, now I am going to do some yoga, followed by a candle lit bubble bath, mani, pedi, and work on my house for 45 min. Crank up some jams and get busy. At noon, hubby bought me in a BIG poker tournament, he is working today! It will be different not being in a tournament with him, but I know everyone at the casino by now, I worked there a few years ago a a cocktail server (love hate relationship with that job!) But, since it is a two day tournament, it will really only take a couple ours out of my day. Just have to get from three tables down to two then come back tomorrow. Unless I am out early (which happens…good cards bad beats!) So them me and the gym got a hot date for some running!!!! And maybe throw in a round of arms just for fun lol! 

Anyways, I will continue this later today!!! 

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