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First of all, I am in shock after winning a HTC phone from http://everydayglow.com/ . I broke down yesterday in tears, when I realized it wasn’t about the phone. @fortheglow was having a contest for the big launch of Jenn’s big launch of her new  web-sight, where she has assembled a team of amazing women to blog in all different kind of areas. I started the http://everydayglow.com/ resolution challenge the beginning of the year. But, I’ve been a fan ever since I became “friends” on twitter with Jenn. (About a year now.) Anyways, to make a long story short…Everything in me told me that I HAD to sign up for the resolution challenge, even if hubby would get mad when he sees bank statements, with little charges here and there of things I buy over the internet.Really, the only thing I treat myself to involve health and fitness. I don’t buy myself new clothes, make up, etc. I just don’t. Some people are shocked to see my empty closet, one little bag of make up, and all the jewelry I own could all be worn at once with one outfit. I am a mom. My kids have the nicest clothes, new really nice phones, the latest x-box games, etc. I put myself last. I’ve done this since my kids were born. I’ve had a to-go phone 29.00 from T-mobile for almost two years now. And a hand me down iPod touch, that was my daughters. Which I love, as long as I am in wireless range! I don’t feel bad about my sacrifices for my children, I don’t need a closet full of clothes, or more make up than I need to make me happy. But, I AM working on putting myself first, I WANT no NEED to be a strong, empowering woman. I’m working really hard in school, I have been on a journey of “finding myself” for a couple years now. My main focus is health and slowly finding my “PASSION” which I seem to have lost my way over the years. (This short story is becoming long!) 

OK, since I have to study for a exam this morning, I have to make this long story shorter lol! Time change this morning is FLYING by! 

Anyways, back to the phone. while I was re-tweeting to enter the contests for the big launch of @fortheglow I never expected to win anything, but I went through all the new bloggers web-pages and when I came across http://www.nakateproject.com/ and https://twitter.com/shanleyknox something happened to me, I was like wow, this is really awesome.I love empowering women and women all over the world, doing good! I started web-surfing and one of my secret passions, (that I have been talking about for years, and never trying) is making jewelry. I immediately found a web-site with everything I need cheap and affordable (tools, instructions, etc,) Other than being able to make a really cool friendship bracelet, I had no idea where to even start to make jewelry.  It’s not something, I want to do with my life, it’s just a hobby, passion, something I have always wanted to do. 

It’s a sign. I didn’t just win a phone, I found a new direction to take in my life. I keep being drawn back to http://www.nakateproject.com/ and I just have this overwhelming feeling, that I am on the right path here. I want to be in a position to give my time for good causes. I want to feel like a strong woman myself. In the last year, I have been finding signs EVERYWHERE that lead me in different directions, that ultimately, I feel with all my heart and soul are the key to finding my happiness, my place in this world. Right now I am just a college student, mom, and wife, trying to find MY way. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason, and I am learning each new day that if I just keep my eyes open, I will find my “real” purpose. Image

OK time, to get ready for school and cram real quick for my exam. I will come back later to edit this! 

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