I will NOT start my diet and exercise on Monday!!!!!

I AM STARTING TODAY!!!! #TRUTH I fell off the wagon!!! My name is Laurie, and I AM a food addict! I was doing SO good for a long time! Somewhere between witting out a grand plan for the month of March ,…..today…

1. I have not been getting in my exercise daily!

2. I have been so stressed out, I let my inner food addict. come back. Some-days I just over ate and some I was ready to kill for a candy bar, ice cream, deep fried, bread etc. I just didn’t bother to care if what I was putting in my body was going to make me feel horrible, I didn’t it anyways, and I consciously went all out and overboard.

        A. My body doesn’t like it when I overeat.  

        B. My body HATES bread, I have ruled out Celiac, but I KNOW I am sensitive to it and I blow 

            up like to look pregnant and feel like crap.

        C. SUGAR….literally WTF!I never used to CRAVE sweets like this, so the more I eat, the 

             worse the cravings get!

        D. I can’t workout when I get run down from not eating good, or even decent. Junk food and

             mindless eating do NOT get me anywhere! Just feel hungry a hour later. I KNOW better

             than this. Knowing and putting a little effort to eat clean, WILL keep me satisfied until my

             next healthy meal snack! This is a #FACT! 



TODAY…I choose my health!! And a re-commitment to get back to the healthy lifestyle path I was on. I had some MAJOR break troughs, and success, and I threw it out the window! 


This unhealthy lifestyle, mindless eating, has no purpose in my life! I’m not SO far gone, but I am off my path, and off my goals.I have a doctors appointment SOON and the goal was to lose another 10 lbs, (because I had lost 10 in a month, by making the right choices and eating healthy!) And my doctor was pleased he gave me three months and wanted to see another 10, he decided to try to wean me off my blood pressure med if I  lost about another 10 and it was a trial of not re-starting my cholesterol med, because my levels were still WAY high! Long story short…. I have probably gained another 10. 

This isn’t just a issue of will I look hot in a bikini, (but that would be nice lol,) it’s about my health. I think I am going to have to call him and tell him that I did not meet the goals, and have him call in my cholesterol medicine and get more time, before I am see him again.

The month of January was great, I did SO good, stuck to a 14 day detox plan, no meat, coffee, etc. and was feeling freaking fabulous! This was AMAZING! I was so PROUD of myself!!! I honestly did’t think I could make the whole challenge. This was from the #resolutionchallenge. And I met and exceeded my exceptions. Feb was half OK half Blah! 

Daily Mile report. January 37 miles, February 32, and March which is almost over, 8 miles logged in. This doesn’t include other workouts, and I got a couple good workouts in this month, and just didn’t log them in. This SAYS something to me, that’s why I keep track! 

OK so it’s Saturday, I have a workout date with a friend at 9 am this morning and IT’S TIME to get BACK ON THE WAGON, find my mo-jo, eat CLEAN and that’s THAT!!! I will not wait for Monday!! I have other things that I have been dragging my feet on as well. I am down to two classes at school. One class have about 10 hours of homework due and Final project, (which I haven’t started, PLUS major test that night that I am so lost,) and one more class that Final is Wednesday morning, and I HAVE to do good in order to move on to the next class! 

So yes, the #GirlOnAMission is starting TODAY! 



So, please leave a message. I am GOING to freaking do this. 

P.S. I have mentioned this before. I use this blog as a kind journal to my journey I am on. In other words, excuse the grammar mistakes, sorry if my posts get boring, or un-motivational. I use this to keep track and it’s time I get more real with myself about a lot of issues! I use this to MOTIVATE myself, learn from my mistakes, see where I have been and KNOW where I am going. 

One day at a time….Today I will eat clean and get a Great workout in PERIOD!


It starts Today!!!!

5 thoughts on “I will NOT start my diet and exercise on Monday!!!!!

  1. Yes! You can do this! I can too! I fell off the wagon during my recent vacation and I’m crawling back on now. We skipped that event at the pub last night and made roasted veggies instead. And I’m going to Zumba this morning. It’s harder to roller coaster but it’s harder to drop off and roll downhill. We can do this!

  2. Good for you for recognizing what you have done and what you need to do! Proud of you! You can do it !

  3. THANKS!!!! Gym this morning was a reality check!!!

  4. Here’s my unsolicited advice: The way I stopped eating junk was to stop buying it. If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it! Next I would set some concrete goals. It’s easy to say “I’m going to work out” or “I’m going to eat healthier” but you keep yourself more accountable when you say a specific goal: “I am going to run 2 miles today”, and set a specific meal plan for the week!

    The hardest part to overcome is building up motivation. You obviously have the motivation, now you just need to follow through! You can do it!

    1. Thanks Girl!!! Well, the problem isn’t keeping junk food out of the house, because I was GOING to the store with the conscious intention of getting bad food. and it didn’t stay in the house long at all! LOL *BAD*

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