Random Morning Thoughts~*~*~*

This his how I started my day~*


But, before I got out of bed, I did day 13 of Oprah & Deepak 21 day Meditation challenge! I just absolutely love his meditations, OK so #confession, Just love doing meditations in general! I sleep every night with my iPod on some kind of meditation, Usually just sleep meditations on You Tube. Ever since I really made the commitment on the last 21 day meditation challenge (October) I am addicted! Sometimes, I do a sleep weight-loss meditation. I figure it puts me to sleep with out my mind running over what I HAVE to do the next day and it couldn’t hurt if it helped me lose weight lol! I didn’t realize it, but I take meditating to the gym with me. It’s when I am in “The Zone!” On my longest runs I typically think of a mantra, of just keep repeating abs, abs, bikini, or keep going. But this IS a form of meditation. My mind is still and just focused on one thing! I don’t even tell my family and only two real life friends that I do it, but I do, and I love it. Keeps me centered and focused.


#confession I was reading Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles, but got caught up in school where I wasn’t doing it every day so I am starting over. I also checked out ing~ a hip girls guide to happiness by her, but when I Am in school I lose focus other that the task at hand…. PASSING! Which I did, and I am very proud of myself! I have a hard time getting into books when I am in school, because I always feel like I should be studying or doing homework!

Well, my schedule is a LOT easier this quarter, let me re-phrase…My schedule is a lot easier. I go to school first class at 10:30 and done by 1pm. As opposed to this last quarter which I had a night class in there from 6-9 and M-W and Chem lab on Tuesday afternoons until 5:30. Let’s just say I was busy! Always on the go, there was no such thing as DONE with home work. I tried to fit in some me time, I did at the very least sleep meditations, but I got caught up last quarter, and my home shows it too!!!


SO, here comes another #confession! My home is a disorganized mess. I don’t even know where to start. I start in the kitchen, and A load of laundry, but that was about as far as I got! And, by the time I was ready to take action, I was back in the kitchen and the same load of laundry. Kids and hubby keep their own stuff washed WHEN they need it too. And if there are no clean forks, clean them your self! So there you have it, probably my biggest “dirty little secret” PUN intended! Well, I have one week until Spring quarter starts, so I AM going to do something about this problem. Get some organization in my life!!! It will save ME a LOT of stress!!! I have ONE week, what I really need is a garage sale and get rid of A LOT of clutter. I NEED to find this balance in my life!!!

Hummm…so what else has suffered this last quarter, my exercise habits!! NOT this quarter. My schedule is perfect, I have #NOEXCUSES!


I’ve been re-thinking my school as far as what I plan to do with it. But, for now it is simply survive, get good grades, exercise, lose a few (or so) pounds, and keep the house clean. Not too much to ask right?!?That is my dream!

Planning!!!!! This week, I have already mentioned I am doing the http://everydayglow.com/ spring cleanse! So I am cleaning out my body, my house, and my spirit! Go into this quarter CLEAN! It’s so nice right now with NO homework to do! OK so I guess I better get started!


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