Happy May First!!!!


I plan on making the month of May all about me!!!!

Setting my intentions and goals for the month!! Gettting them re-written calandarized. Planning and execution is the key this month is gonna keep me on track!!!

I have two challenges going on the http://www.toneitup.com Bikini Series that started last Tuesday. Took some before bikini pictures. Pretty scary!!! So I defiantly got my work cut out for me! The second challenge is the For The Glow Bikini Bootcamp http://www.everydayglow.com which really starts as a juice cleanse this weekend, and really starts Monday.


* Wake up and get my workout on!!!
* Wake up and meditate!!!
* Motivate my friends & accountability!!
* Eat Clean Everyday!!!
* Get my afternoon workout on!!!
* Give School 110%!!!
* Start my Marithon training journal!!!
* Regular Journal everyday!!!!
* Daily Pamper ME TIME!!!
* Before Bed yoga and stretching!

Easy right!?!?! I got this!!!!!

Watch out this month!!! This girl is on a mission. I’m not gonna set a spicific weight goal. I will decide that later on how I look and feel in my clothes and a bathing suit!!!

I already see progress on just one week of eating clean! Those pics were taken one week ago. Ready, Set, Go!!!!


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