Keeping on track!!!!! I get by with a little help from my friends!!!!


Just a couple of things I’ve learned through all of my struggles.

The number #1 thing I have learned about changind my lifestyle and on my journey to be healthy and fit is…. Drum roll please…. A support system!


My friends are my lifeline. I have a couple real life friends who are super supportive.

I check in on communities, Twitter, and now Instagram. I love the tone it up community a little love and support is only one comment away from totally making my day!!! I love my challenge partners. Motivating someone else only keeps ME more motivated!!!


I haven’t been perfect, but I am making progress!!! I feel so much lighter. I just have to keep going!!!! I appreciate all the support that I am so blessed to have in my life!!! Oh I can’t forget about @fortheglow she keeps me motivated!!!

I am just excited to wake up and make a green juice or smoothie  ON and get my workout ON! I LOVE going to gym with my friends. I love texting a friend and saying hey yell me I’m not hungry or tell me I don’t NEED ice cream etc!

Anyhoo…. Just wanted to make a quick post, because especially greatful this morning!!!!


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