RUN FORREST RUN!!!!! I have 33 days!!! #100bysummer

June 21st marks the first day of summer. I have taken the WHOLE last week off from eating good and working out. Not on purpose, week started off with the fever kind of flu and ended with allergies and a little cold. PLUS a headache and a bit of depression that wont go away! Well It’s a new week and time to get back on track!!! The theme for the next 33 days besides getting “bikini ready” is “GETTING MY RUN ON!!!!” 



Today I am going to test where I am at the gym. It’s gonna be more like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) aka run then walk. But, I will test how long I can go with out stopping and test how far I can go. And I will SEE what I can accomplish as far as running over the next 33 days! 



Planning is the key, getting out of bed early getting my 1st work out in is the only way to accomplish my goals and stay on track and finish this quarter at school. I will be doing other workouts as well, I know I will never be a good runner if I don’ft find my balance of cross training, strength training, yoga, and even meditation will help in my quest to become a runner! Have been trying for a long time, only to go backwards when I take time off or something happens! Well, I have my laptop back now so I will be able to keep a better blog! It really sucked not having a laptop for two months! 



I am gonna give it my best shot!!!!! ❤ 


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