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I know I said this in my last blog about May, but where the heck did June go? 🙂 Man, time flies when your falling off the fitness wagon! Probably, the main reason for not writing anything last month, because I’ve always been told, “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all!” A few things happened, I gained all the weight back to be where I was at a year ago! And so… I started the cycle again, where I felt bad about myself ! Then “addiction” I have with food (mostly bad food) snuck back  up on me with out warning. I think this started getting really bad in May, but really hurt me in the month of June. When I eat bad, I don’t feel like working out, when I don’t work out, I get bored and eat, and eat, and eat…etc! I could not seem to stop. I was in “I already effed up I might as well eat some more,” mode, then I got to my breaking point when I finally said, “Enough is Enough,” when I FINALLY made it back to the gym for Yoga class and the teacher asked me when my baby was due, and then another lady in the class asked me same question! EVERYDAY since that class, I have worked out at the gym and dusted off my training Journal, that I have been “waiting to start,” and started it! Made a personal commitment to myself to get back on track, and work out EVERYDAY!!! Or #everydamnday 🙂

This is my workouts last week, that I keep track on Daily Mile http://www.dailymile.com/people/LaurieHooper#ref=tophd (mostly bike miles), but I am pretty sure its my best week ever. More miles than I have put up in some months!!!


SOOoooooo, I have worked out for Seven days straight right now and…..drum roll please….. I FEEL AMAZING!!!! I weighed in last Thursday and promised myself not to get back on the scale for 21 days. I’m not planning on going overboard or anything, I will have “active rest days” where I just go for a walk, or a yoga video or something. My GOAL is EVERYDAY in July I will do something! It doesn’t matter what it is as long as I stay active!


Also, I will get back into blogging, I am shooting for daily in order to keep myself accountable. I am gonna make this month GREAT! Fill up my training journal, sign up for my first 5K, complete one the end of this month,or possibly beginning of next month, I will see how this month goes. The main thing is just doing it, getting to the gym, or popping in a DVD weather I feel like it or not!

93ea0294faf7b7cd5af8690aecc59c9dThis is my MOTTO or Mantra for this month!!!


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