Coming to Terms with Living Gluten Free #GFree


This is very hard for me! I LOVE Bread, pastas, and even processed foods. Almost everything with Gluten is my “GO To” cheat! I start off with one PB & J on White bread and can’t seem to stop myself. I’ve been in denial for a long, long, long time. My name is Laurie I am addicted to gluten kinds of foods… and I always look like I am pregnant because of it. I do not have Ciliac, I am just really sensitive and intolerant. It’s time for me to come to terms with this and make the swaps NECESSARY. I need to make a commitment to this as part of my lifestyle, I have MAKE living “Gluten Free” a  part of my life and I just have to DEAL with it! Once I get all bloated and in pain, I keep on eating, that turns into a binge, that turns into guilt, that leads to me wearing a tank top over my bikini at the pool, because I am embarrassed! I’ve already experimented with the process of elimination! #GFree = no big tummy! Period.


The first step, is admitting that there is a problem right?!?!!?!

The second step, is doing something about it!!!!

The last step, is learning all that I can, getting creative, and experimenting with new recipes, and commitment.

I CAN DO THIS!!! I just haven’t made a real effort to keep it up before!!!! 398838_345837282185025_465084892_n


4 thoughts on “Coming to Terms with Living Gluten Free #GFree

  1. P.S. that bread was not good!!! Bleh dry and tasteless!!!

  2. You can totally do it! It takes time to learn any new skill. Go slow, be patient. Everybody wants to start w substitutes for their usual gluten foods, but I think it’s easier to just choose foods that naturally don’t have gluten (and is less disappointing and thus you’re less likely to cheat). Instead of a sandwich try a salad w roast chicken, tacos, stirfry with rice, or even just lettuce wraps with the sandwich filling inside, plus some fruit to fill you up. I don’t know if you’ve read about it, but gluten is literally addictive – it has “opiate-like qualities”. As when trying to get off any substance, for success avoid the HALTs: being Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. That is when we want to cheat! Have an abundance of healthy snacks on hand: hard boiled eggs, Lara bars, etc. Good luck!!!

    1. You are so right it is totally an addiction for me!!!

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