Coming to Terms with Living Gluten Free #GFree


This is very hard for me! I LOVE Bread, pastas, and even processed foods. Almost everything with Gluten is my “GO To” cheat! I start off with one PB & J on White bread and can’t seem to stop myself. I’ve been in denial for a long, long, long time. My name is Laurie I am addicted to gluten kinds of foods… and I always look like I am pregnant because of it. I do not have Ciliac, I am just really sensitive and intolerant. It’s time for me to come to terms with this and make the swaps NECESSARY. I need to make a commitment to this as part of my lifestyle, I have MAKE living “Gluten Free” a  part of my life and I just have to DEAL with it! Once I get all bloated and in pain, I keep on eating, that turns into a binge, that turns into guilt, that leads to me wearing a tank top over my bikini at the pool, because I am embarrassed! I’ve already experimented with the process of elimination! #GFree = no big tummy! Period.


The first step, is admitting that there is a problem right?!?!!?!

The second step, is doing something about it!!!!

The last step, is learning all that I can, getting creative, and experimenting with new recipes, and commitment.

I CAN DO THIS!!! I just haven’t made a real effort to keep it up before!!!! 398838_345837282185025_465084892_n




  1. You can totally do it! It takes time to learn any new skill. Go slow, be patient. Everybody wants to start w substitutes for their usual gluten foods, but I think it’s easier to just choose foods that naturally don’t have gluten (and is less disappointing and thus you’re less likely to cheat). Instead of a sandwich try a salad w roast chicken, tacos, stirfry with rice, or even just lettuce wraps with the sandwich filling inside, plus some fruit to fill you up. I don’t know if you’ve read about it, but gluten is literally addictive – it has “opiate-like qualities”. As when trying to get off any substance, for success avoid the HALTs: being Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. That is when we want to cheat! Have an abundance of healthy snacks on hand: hard boiled eggs, Lara bars, etc. Good luck!!!

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