Saying Goodbye…………To the infamous Big Mac Meal~* And other addictions!



Well, my day started out with good intentions….

Then it turned into a all out cheat day! Pizza for lunch, snacks, ice cream, and the last straw, was a whole Big Mac Meal, I can’t even remember the last time I had MC Donald’s, let alone a whole meal. One meal including the pops and sauces, probably about 1400 calories. Not to mention my intolerance to bread! I had the worst food hangover that lasted the whole weekend. I didn’t even want to finish this blog after I uploaded the pics. This was Friday. I still look like I swallowed a watermelon.




Honestly the rest of the weekend wasn’t great either. But not as bad as Friday!!!!



Did my shopping, the green smoothie and juice is gonna be my best friend this up-coming week! No more. I can NOT take feeling like this anymore! I have my workouts planned too. I am about to jump right back on the wagon in a good way. 🙂 If I wanted to feel like crap, I would never have stopped drinking! One year and two months sober, It’s time to give up my secondary addiction….FOOD!!! Gluten products, sugar, and bread in particular. My last blog post about commitment didn’t go quite as planned, I keep cheating, knowing full well the end result!




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