Late Night Random Thoughts ~*~*


OMG I hate when You write a novel in a blog post and poured out your heart and soul, look away for a second and the whole thing got deleted!!!! Having my favorite tea at 1am, because I have so many thoughts running through my mind about this new month! I REALLY want to have success in my fitness and personal goals! My B-Day is on the 24th, and I really want to live healthier. I NEED to get back to the doctor. I was supposed to go back about three months ago ten lbs lighter, so they could try to get me off my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. Instead, I am UP 15 from where I started, so that’s 25 away from where he wanted me to be!

I need to find my “Happy Place” my balance in my life, and this IS going to be MY MONTH!!!!! Does not matter  I get the sleep I want or not!!! I am gonna be trying some different things this month, as well as searching for some active adventures in my life!! Paddle-boarding yoga?! River rafting?!?!? Maybe I will get brave and jump off the smaller cliff for my birthday in my sacred spot, that I go with my friends, where we float in almost peace, except for the usual few cliff divers. But one thing is for sure, I am NOT gaining weight this month, and I am NOT looking like I swallowed a watermelon, because I can’t control my eating. Gluten type foods in particular!


I am also up to try new things, try new foods, new recipes! It’s so easy just to make my usual green smoothie, and chicken or steak with Brussels. I want to try some different classes, different videos, there is plenty on You Tube of some of my personal heros that I have been wanting to try. Get out of my comfort zone! Get my booty out of bed and  just run or get my booty out of bed and try a crossfit class that I have been DYING to try FOREVER!!! Also, I AM GOING to Seattle to go to one of @fortheglow ‘s fitness classes! I have been wanting to get over there ALL summer! It’s time!! It’s time to make changes and HABITS! Go vegetarian for a little bit, just make this month about trying NEW things! I am getting older and to tell the truth this birthday is not my favorite number…at ALL!!!!


But, I am sticking to my August goals that I have written in previous post! I am not working, no school, I have nothing but TIME this month!!! My FOCUS is on me!!! Focus on myself and really let go of my fears. I am SOOOOOOOOooooooo freakin excited to start the #MCM book over and journal and FINISH it this time! It really is an amazing book!!! And, I already know I am involved in a group of AMAZING women to join me on this journey!!! If anyone is reading it or would like to start over, or just START May Cause Miracles, I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Just let me know or get a hold of @YouInBloom on twitter or Instagram!

Another random thought is about all my Tone It Up Sisters, I have been with tone it up for a year and a half and some of the transformations are so freakin incredible, it would take a whole blog post just to acknowledge them all! Not just that they are amazing, but are venturing out on their own now that they have had so much success!!! OK, yes I will save that for another post!!!!

I also keep finding new fitness professionals that inspire me DAILY! Such as Bex Life, Amanda Russell, and For the Glow has so many exciting things happening right now! I am so proud of her, she is away at yoga teacher training, just to add another notch to her already accomplished belt. Two more mentions, Sweat and Curls, and I could go on!!!

OK for real I am going to bed, gonna wake up and have to re-read all this stuff I wrote to see if it makes any sense at all! Also, goal is to blog more about my journey!!! I don’t know if I can commit to everyday, but I will try!!!! XOXO

971365_626287227395410_400121772_nP.S. I promise you won’t regret signing up for this!!! It’s AMAZING STUFF!!!

5129231_orig My Mantra for the month!!! OK Now time for sleep!!!!! LOL

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