Happy November~* Or should I say Happy #MOVEmber <3

Not, only is it time to set the clocks back it’s time to………………………….Image

Happy November 1st! It’s so weird that it’s 7 am and still dark out! Here is a quick catch up on where I have been and why I have put off blogging for so long. Well, lets go Back to August, I spent three weeks with a god awful flu! Got better, then started getting, back on track, then my uncle passed away in September,  I had to go take care of my mom in Florida, and be there for the memorial. I returned home in the middle of October. I had to cancel all my classes for Fall, because I was gone too long and I used my school money for the trip. So the last couple weeks I have been working on getting back on track!!! So, far doing very good!!! ❤ I have gained weight since August, and it’s time to shed those extra lbs so I can get back in my jeans! LOL~* I am kinda ready for the time to change, so I can wake up earlier. I’ve had days where I have slept in too long, and next thing I know, the day is over. But, with less hours of daylight, it also makes the days go by faster!

This girl is ON A MISSION!!!! I have some pretty lofty goals for this month. My one BIG goal is to workout, run, walk, yoga, or even a recovery workout #everydamnday !! Image

YES!!! This is exactly EVERYTHING that I want!!!!

* Right now I have a few things going on, I am ROCKING the Metabolic Reset form For The Glow! http://bit.ly/17sITIf http://everydayglow.com/

* I have signed up for two meditation challenges (I freakin LOVE these!!!) https://chopracentermeditation.com/ (Starts November 11th) and http://www.mentorschannel.com/LouieSchwartzberg/21DaysofGratitude/LandingPage2/ (Starts November 4th!)

* Reading May Cause Miracles again!!! I am on day 26~*

* Also, staring over Chalene Johnson’s 30 day PUSH GOAL Challenge!!! http://30daypush.com/ I am in a group on Facebook to keep accountable for this challenge with some awesome girls! Let me know if you are interested in Joining.


I am just really excited to get this NEW month going! I am feeling very motivated and inspired!!! I am going to work on posting here at least every other day. Even if it’s just to stop by and add some motivational quotes!


I hope everyone has a FABULOUS November! XOXO Laurie~*

Much Love XOXO Laurie~*

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