Checking in~* NoExcuseNovember

I’m Starting to get really EXCITED for 2014! I completed the Metabolic Reset, and have kept going ever since then! I have worked out everyday this month (active recovery rest days included,) ate clean, (only a couple cheats,) and I am psyched about some up coming Challenges that I do every year!


First Off The For The Glow Resolution challenge! I did this last year and it was AMAZING! Best $20.13 cents I have ever spent! This year the price went up, $ 20.14 (lol) and from now until Friday you can add a friend for free! Lots of prizes, fun, and new friends. It’s gonna be HUGE this year! Here is the link to sign up before Friday to get a friend in for FREE!


Next up is a great group of women, accountability partners. challenges, prizes, and it starts SOON #elf4Health 2013 To sign up just click on my side badge! Or at

I’ve technically already started my New Years Resolution, I am feeling freakin awesome! Need to set some new goals for myself, but as far as everything in my life coming together… I am finishing off 2013 with a BOOM!!!!!


Love and Blessings to all!!! XOXO



  1. Love that first image! I constantly have to remind myself that being healthy is my choice, but when I do remember that, it’s really empowering. This is my first year doing Elf 4 Health, so I’m super pumped to take on the challenge. Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

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