Hello December I have found….. My JOY


I am not waiting for New Years Day to start my resolutions. While I love the promise of a New Year, a New Month, I can’t help loving the promise of a NEW DAY! Everyday is a clean slate and a chance for a fresh start! Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have big plans for 2014, but living a healthy lifestyle & eating clean, is already in full effect!

November ROCKED!!! I killed all my goals for the month of November 2013! Now I am ready to KILL my December goals! Giving myself the gift of health, the gift that KEEPS ON GIVING!!!Image

Still Rocking out the #Elf4health challenge. I got paired up with a awesome girl Jill! She pretty much ROCKS! Image

That’s the challenge easy-peasy!

fit-and-fearless2 In 2014~*~*~*

The second round of For The Glow’s Metabolic Reset is starting and I am gonna KILL it this time, like I did last time, during the month of November! Cyber Monday had a freaking AWESOME deal on a lifetime For The Glow membership! Check this out! http://fortheglow.com/product/glowgirl/ Also. the 2014 For The Glow  Fit + Fearless Resolution Challenge is gonna ROCK! For anyone near Seattle classes and other surprises! So excited!!!! You can still get in the challenge is on sale through Cyber Monday! http://fortheglow.com/product/2014-resolution-challenge-glow-girls-friends-family/


I feel this major shift within myself! I am changing and I LOVE it! I really believe that to find success…. I had to put my mind in it. I had to kill self-doubt, set my intentions, turn my intentions into actions, and everything is falling into its place. I literally feel like the stars have aligned just for me. I meditate everyday & at night before bed. My SOUL has found peace/balance and I am moving in the most awesome forward direction! I can’t wait to jump out of bed everyday! I feel my purpose, destiny, etc. clearly more and more each day. I can’t remember felling more joy in my life, than at this time in my life! It’s MY TIME! And, I LOVE IT!!!

I Believe! Image



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