I try to live my life everyday with purpose, intention, and gratitude!


This last week has been AMAZzzzzZZZzing! I finished week one of the Metabolic Reset Challenge, and hit every workout this week! Plus, got back in to my girls nights out Zumba Classes! My Zumba Girl found a studio to teach at! Also, finished off week two of the #elf4health challenge from & ! Today, our assignment was to list 20 things we are grateful for! It seems like me and my round one elf Jill have not heard back from our new assigned partners, but I am happy to stick with her for the rest of the challenge!

20 (People, places, or Things) That I am truly Grateful for!

1~* My Family!

2~* My Online FIT Family, #elf4health friends especially my partner Jill, #glowgirl’s #TiuTeam, Anamae Ford (who fits in ALL of these categories!,) running friends, yoga friends, I could go on and on!

3~* My real Life friends, who always inspire me!

4~* My job, and my boss who is pretty dang awesome!

5~* That I only have two quarters left of this part of my schooling, which has taken me three years to finish.

6~* That I have SURVIVED those three years with my sanity and a AMAZING GPA!

7~* I am grateful to KNOW what I want to accomplish in the next year, my dreams, etc. Like, go yoga training school next year, get my PT certification, that is a start. I plan on finishing to get my degree in Nutrition Science. Oh and this sounds weird, but I am getting certified in meditation. 🙂

8~* My Dogs!

9~* My beautiful home.

10~* Fuzzy Socks.

11~* Great Books, and my ability to speed read!

12~* All my healthy habits, that I really never though could become habits!

13~* Netflix & HULU.

14~* That Learned to love my vegetables!

15~* Holiday’s with friends and family.

16~* My weird Cat!

17~* Coconut Oil! Best find of 2013!!! I use it for EVERYTHING!!!

18~* Here is a BIG one, That I have great insurance through my husbands work, that covers AMAZING massages and a Gum Membership!

19~* My great intuition!

20~* I am especially grateful, that I absolutely, with out doubt, love my life! ❤ And that I am not afraid to follow my Dreams!


4 thoughts on “Gratitude~*

  1. LOVE you list!!!!! esp #3 and #10!!

  2. Yay! Great list. We all need to pause and reflect on what we’re grateful for now and again. 🙂

    1. Absolutely! And I have a LOT to be grateful for!!!! That list doesn’t even touch the surface!

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