Success—Gotta LOVE IT!


YES! I totally killed ALL of my December goals! I finished and KILLED the Metabolic Reset and the #elf4health challenge! I can get in the perfect pigeon pose with out any discomfort! #BOOM I loved doing the #elf4health, I had the most awesome partner Jill (who stuck with me for both rounds!) from and with about 1000 challengers doing GOOD for this holiday challenge was AMAZING! I met so many other wonderful people during this challenge! A VERY Special Thanks, to Elle and Lyndsay for putting on such a great challenge! This was my second year. And… you know what?!?! I din’t find the challenges quite so challenging, more like rewarding. But, I have grown so much in a year, everything was just so much easier! Meatless Monday… no problem! I kind of been doing that on my own anyways. Eat a rainbow…. I am pretty good about that anyways! The rest of the challenges were fun, fun, fun! I loved doing the blog swap, and pay it forward, I could go on it was just a great experience!

So What to do next?!?!?I’m feeling so motivated and excited for the The New Year and the upcoming Resolution Challenge! It’s still not too late to join in for the Fit + Fearless Resolution challenge! It’s gonna be amazing I am totally ready for it. I can PROMISE it will be the best twenty-dollars and fourteen cents ever spent!  !!! The Personal Trainer,  AmaZZZZzzzzzzing Sponsors (Shhhhh I know all the sponsors and I know the prizes are off the HOOK!,) Kick @$$ Community, EVERYTHING about this is totally amazing!!! If you happen to join let me know, this will be my second year doing this challenge too!


#GEEKOUT! I can’t help it I’m a sucker for things like The daily Letters From the Universe! I read my horoscope daily, I subscribe to The Daily Love and more! I love to be inspired!


Intentions vs. Goals vs. New Year’s Resolutions!!

Here is my take…

Intentions are things that you intend to follow through with!

Goals are set more often on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis!

New Year’s Resolutions are awesome, I think of them more as things that you resolve to change! Like my Resolutions have more to do with finances, home stuff, habits things that need CHANGE!

A LOT of running in my near future! I am totally inspired to bet back on track with my running! I am at the point, where I am starting from square one. But, that’s OK! I’ve got this! I have my plan and before the 1st, I am going to register for a couple. I’ll guess I could run for 5 min MAX right now! Good thing I LOVE HIIT and EPIC runs! But, I am going to focus on increasing the time. I am going out for a trial run tomorrow to see where my starting point really is! My plan includes a lot of HIIT and EPIC to make myself stronger!

Daily Yoga & Meditation & Journal are high on my Goals List!

Then there is my, TO- BE list! Read more about it here….

I have had this list on my fridge for a year, since last years New Years Resolutions!


All in All, I am just darn proud of myself and LOVE the person I am becoming!



5 thoughts on “Success—Gotta LOVE IT!

  1. Thanks so much for linking up! I loved reading about your goals and how this year the challenges were already habits you had formed over the year!! That’s truly an amazing gain and I’m thinking about joining that challenge with you…I’ll let you know if I do! (: #elflove

    1. #elfLove THANK YOU! I promise you won’t be dissapinted with the Fit + Fearless challenge!

  2. Awesome goals! and I love the word “intentions” 🙂 very positive. Merry Christmas!!

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