2014 off to a AMAZING Start!




Some GREAT things to CHECK OFF my bucket list to start the New Year! Jan 1st… I got accepted as a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! I am so looking forward to a year filled with adventures! Then,Jan 2nd, I got accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!! Awesome Motivation to start the year!



This was my FIRST Green smoothie of 2014! And, just think a little over a year ago, I had never had one! NOW, I can’t live without them!


Failure was a hot topic in 2013! Lucky for me I kept getting back on the wagon, and ended the year on a awesome note!  I really feel like I have been moving forward, even when I feel like I wasn’t doing so great!


Anyways, That’s it for now. I will be blogging A LOT this year! It’s time to #getupandglow get my workout in, clean, pack, etc! Secretly, doing a super HAPPY DANCE right now!


Wishing everyone lots of BLESSINGS In the new year!!!

XOXO Laurie~



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