Detox Day Two & Random Thoughts


I am feeling very grateful for all that is going on right now. It seems like I am on the right path! I feel like I keep getting positive signs that affirm that my life is “Flowing” in the right direction.


Detox….One word…….. ACK! I’m only on day two and I feel like OMG what am I doing, whats my name? I’m surprised I got up enough energy to post this! I’m doing the For The Glow Resolution Challenge and the official “Detox” part started yesterday! Basically, I am detoxing off coffee, sugar, and cut out meat! Don’t get me wrong I’m…. OK! I just have to get past these first few days. I did this last year and it was amazing. I have a nice new Yoga class I found. Went Tuesday night, and it was AhhhhhhMaaAaaZZZZZZing!!! I’m so happy it’s tonight! I am gonna get a little treadmill action in first. Gonna get a few things from the store to hopefully help with the energy part. Because, right now I just wanna curl up in bed ALL day! Gonna try to keep this up journal style. I took before pics, measurements, but I am not brave enough to share them until I start progressing. I already know this is gonna be a VERY transformational year for me! So, for that, I AM EXCITED!


I love the above Quote! It is so TRUE! I whole-hardheartedly BELIEVE that I can make it through this Detox! And, when I am done, I BELIEVE I can continue on a super clean eating path and the weight is just gonna melt off! This is ‘gonna be my healthiest year EVER! I’ve already changed from past habits. I just need to take it to the next level. 🙂 I am prepared!


YES! The above statement is 110% TRUE.

I HAVE changed my mind, there is a lot of inner work that I am doing on myself, I can’t wait until the outer work shows!

So Re-Cap…. Day Two…. I’m still alive, breathing, and my heart is full of LOVE! I feel so supported in the journey! I have the most awesome community, and trainer supporting me. I CAN DO THIS!

6 thoughts on “Detox Day Two & Random Thoughts

  1. You’re going to rock this detox and this year! Love your positive outlook!!

  2. Congrats on making it through day two! I love that you’re bringing the positivity and reminding yourself of WHY you’re doing this. Those reminders are so powerful. You’ve got this! Keep up the awesome, Laurie!

  3. you are doing SO AWESOME! keep it up! the first few days are the worst, then you have so much energy after that, to don’t even want the sugar!

    1. Yes the wors it the first 3 days!!! I’m going to bed until day 4!,

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