Detox Day Two & Random Thoughts


I am feeling very grateful for all that is going on right now. It seems like I am on the right path! I feel like I keep getting positive signs that affirm that my life is “Flowing” in the right direction.


Detox….One word…….. ACK! I’m only on day two and I feel like OMG what am I doing, whats my name? I’m surprised I got up enough energy to post this! I’m doing the For The Glow Resolution Challenge and the official “Detox” part started yesterday! Basically, I am detoxing off coffee, sugar, and cut out meat! Don’t get me wrong I’m…. OK! I just have to get past these first few days. I did this last year and it was amazing. I have a nice new Yoga class I found. Went Tuesday night, and it was AhhhhhhMaaAaaZZZZZZing!!! I’m so happy it’s tonight! I am gonna get a little treadmill action in first. Gonna get a few things from the store to hopefully help with the energy part. Because, right now I just wanna curl up in bed ALL day! Gonna try to keep this up journal style. I took before pics, measurements, but I am not brave enough to share them until I start progressing. I already know this is gonna be a VERY transformational year for me! So, for that, I AM EXCITED!


I love the above Quote! It is so TRUE! I whole-hardheartedly BELIEVE that I can make it through this Detox! And, when I am done, I BELIEVE I can continue on a super clean eating path and the weight is just gonna melt off! This is ‘gonna be my healthiest year EVER! I’ve already changed from past habits. I just need to take it to the next level. 🙂 I am prepared!


YES! The above statement is 110% TRUE.

I HAVE changed my mind, there is a lot of inner work that I am doing on myself, I can’t wait until the outer work shows!

So Re-Cap…. Day Two…. I’m still alive, breathing, and my heart is full of LOVE! I feel so supported in the journey! I have the most awesome community, and trainer supporting me. I CAN DO THIS!



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