Super Seahawk Saturday~ Detox Day Four


YAY! The brain fog is starting to life and I am starting to feel back/at least half-way, to feeling like myself again! I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself! I’ve had to witness family eating lots of “goodies!” Staying strong, I’ve got some good workouts in this week. Pretty much every other day, and evening workouts! I honestly didn’t know it was gonna be this hard to detox off sugar, coffee (even though I did it last year!) I have felt like PMS x 1000!!!! Luckily, I am feeling better! I must attribute most of my success to community support, Kambocha, and Wheat-Grass Shots!


I feel like this year is starting off with a lot of good Karma! I am connecting with so many inspiring people. I really get irritated when people complain about how we don’t communicate any more with all the new technology! I disagree. I have so many fantastic Cyber Friends that with out the technology, I would never be able to connect with. Another fun thing, is when you just meet someone and you know you are instantly connected. Call it a feeling, intuition, or like you met a #SoulSister! I have lots of those… and I can spot one from a tweet away! Or just by looking over their IG photos that we are like-minded! I still make time for my Real life friends! I wouldn’t survive life without them! I make phone calls to friends and family. Bonus, I stay connected to family I wouldn’t normally stay connected with VIA. Facebook!

DETOX + Workouts


I have got a bunch of different style workouts in this year. SO I know my starting point and what I really need to work on! The workouts I find the hardest, is where I will focus most of my attention after I am done with the detox. So far this year I have done Boot-camp style class in Seattle, Zumba (where I really ran out of steam about 45 min in,) A couple Treadmill workouts that told me I need new shoes and I am starting all over in running! (So HIIT style and c25k will help me with that!) I did a holy moly Elliptical workout at a JAM packed Gym, I just kept at it, for 3.2 miles after wanted to quit at 2 min lol (no other machines were open. Last but not least I found a AWESOME Yoga (Breath & Balance) class that is late night and I am in LOVE with it. And a couple at home For The Glow workouts for the Resolution Challenge (THAT KICKED MY BOOTY!) Right now, I’m kinda digging getting out of the house for workouts! My new over crowded gym has lots of workout classes! I can’t wait to try all of them! I was watching (lol) the Insanity class from the elliptical thinking….someday soon!


Anyways, Happy Saturday!!! I am EXCITED for the Seahawk Game!!!Just staying home, have healthy snacks on hand! I’m not in a place to put me in front of No-No foods! That’s OK with me really!!! Making my first batch of Kale Chips!


#12thWo-Man Loud and Proud!!!!



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