It’s Been Six Days Since my Last Confession………..


Last day on the detox! I totally stuck to it and I am really proud of myself! I’ve still had problems focusing to blog, even though I meant to blog everyday. But, I wrote in my own journal everyday. It’s honestly been a roller coaster ride for me! My emotions have been “off the hook!” OK… So I completed the first phase AWESOME! Now I have to stay on track and not go crazy! I will continue on with no sugar, pasta, bread, but adding in my morning coffee with almond milk. To start off I am doing  meatless until dinner. Then I will keep it simple Lean and Green. If I feel myself slipping I will ask for help/ support immediately! The caffeine in my coffee wasn’t the real problem, it was the sugar in my everyday life. That led to binges, and gluten binges. The program continues on, so I’m not just left out there, I have support, and goals!


The Universe has my Back! YES YES YES!!! Every thing happening to me makes me realize this more and more every day!


Pictured above is my YOU DID IT present to myself! I’ve scheduled two weekends in February in Seattle, to attend workout classes, to get out of town and STAY accountable! Plus meet up with my “GLOW” Girls! This year is all about DOING, ACCOMPLISHING, and SUCCESS! I really can’t say I lost a lot of weight. But, I didn’t gain any! Now is the time to kick up my workouts and JUST DO IT!

941943_10151986282873989_1347882934_n YES!!! This WILL be my Way of life this year!!!



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