The Return of Sunday Runday — Sunday PLAN & Prep Day –Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan



This Last week wasn’t a total failure, but at times it felt like one! I had a couple really bad days with this cold and it still hanging on a little. I had some bad meals, missed workouts, being sick I gave into temptation all I crave when I am sick is bad carbs! And, Gluten type stuff that makes me feel even worse. I caught myself a few times MINDLESSLY stuffing my face!

This last week was a lesson in FORGIVENESS!

I completely gave myself permission to slack, rest, and let go of my guilt for what I ate. I wrote journal out my feelings after some major slips. I will instead.. think of the POSITIVE things that happened this week. I quickly recognized what I was doing, I tried to counter the bad meals with good ones. I even killed a few workouts in my moments that I was feeling better! I say it again I FORGIVE MYSELF!

Planning to Fail or Planning for Success?!?

I had this spectacularly awesome plan for the week. I let it get to me that I was not carrying out this amazing plan. This unfortunately can happen to me regardless of being sick! If I over plan my week, I could freak out and just have a BAD week, because I am not meeting my own expectations. Or if I do not have plan at all for the week… then my week just starts off on a bad note and I will leave it at that!

This week I CHOOSE to set intentions for the week, meal plan, MEAL PREP, without over planning! Going for the KISS… KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! This week I already have my workouts planned for me pretty much. Still on The Resolution Challenge workout schedule. Then just add in my new favorite classes in the evenings. Meals, I’m going through all my meal plans and make a easy plan for the week. Get my shopping and prep done today. Also, gonna clean my kitchen from top to bottom! Before bed I will have coffee pot ready to go and my H20 with lemon, ginger, and sea salt set out the night before!



I made a hard decision to NOT sign up for the first 5k I had planned March 2nd. It’s just cutting it too close. I’m still not 100% (from being sick + allergies) and I know I will be putting a little too much pressure on myself. (This is where I could possibly fall off the wagon!) I can however set an Intention to keep (OR in my case start,) training like I was doing it. And see how I do on that day by just my own personal 5K challenge. PLUS register for one with a little more time to be prepared, take that pressure off! Back to the c25k… which was supposed to happen this last week.


In my PLAN for the week, gotta schedule in some free time, friend time, and getting out of town this weekend to Seattle. My daughter is competing in State for Cheer competition. This is pretty exciting! Her team is pretty amazing! 🙂



BONUS: I signed up for a Sunday work out in Seattle with my “Glow Girls”

Then I have Superbowl Sunday to look forward to! 12th man LOUD AND PROUD! I’m not sure if we will stay in Seattle for the game or hurry home after my workout! Either way, It is gonna be a awesome week!



So it starts with today, gonna go get my run in at the gym and see where my starting point is when it comes to running. The return of #SundayRunday! I promise to be easy on myself and keep in mind I’ve been sick all week.

How are you prepping for the week?

Happy Sunday!!! XOXO Laurie~

2 thoughts on “The Return of Sunday Runday — Sunday PLAN & Prep Day –Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan

  1. Hope your run goes well! I am getting over an injury so definitely learning how to come back slowly. P.S. I see your pic of Doctor Sleep —> I am reading it too! Stephen King is my favorite author. 🙂

    1. Ohhh its sooooo good today ended up being a active rest day! Just doing a hour yoga befor bed!

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