Fabulous February — Focus

Nothing worse than being down sick for almost a couple weeks now! Just finished Stephen Kings Doctor Sleep and is was AMAZING! It is the sequel to The Shining… Ever wondered what happens to the little boy after living in the hotel for the winter? Well, Stephen King has outdone himself this time! Perfect Book while I was down with what felt like the never ending cold! I feel better now, not 100% maybe close to 50%, but better is great! I took the rest I so much needed and ready to get back on track and give February my all!


I am setting my “intentions” for February! I forgot to add in FOCUS on my arm strength!




I am taking part in a 28 day Pilates challenge. In face, most of the “For The Glow” #GlowGirl community is taking pat, thanks to the recommendation from Jenn the owner of For the Glow. Looking forward to this challenge, as I have never done “REAL” Pilates before. Only some moves in some of the Yoga classes I have taken. If you want to join in the fun for free go to… http://www.thebalancedlifeonline.com/pilates/28-days-of-pilates-kickoff/


Love this…. I will use this mantra for the month of February! Stop Wishing and Start Doing!


We finally got our first snow. Just enough to make a mess. From what I hear the SUPER cold weather is on it’s way. I’m not thrilled about that. I’m ready for SUMMER!! LOL

I was doing AWESOME at my early morning workouts back in November and part of December. I seem to got offtrack with that! So that will be a major “Intention” for me! It makes my day go so much better, and I know it’s what I have been missing! I am EXCITED for this new month! January was half AWESOME and half never kind of BLAH! Need to snap out of my funk, ordering a Light Therapy light, I know I NEED it. Gray dark winters always get me down!

I am gonna have some exciting things coming up on the Blog, some awesome giveaways and reviews! I have a lot to be thankful for! I am most thankful this cold is going away! (Not even kidding!) Stay tuned….. This month is gonna rock! I have two weeks left of The Resolution challenge and I plan on finishing STRONG! I temporary let a little cold get in my way, but no more excuses!!!

Love your BodyYES!!!! I will be giving my body, mind, and soul some serious LOVE! ❤

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