Why Not Me?! I Did Something BIG on a Leap of Faith~*


Superbowl Champion Russel Wilson has said all year and  going into this season, “Why not us?” and it worked! Seahawks have their 1st Superbowl championship! So I am using this mantra on myself! “Why Not Me?” and I took a HUGE leap of faith and registered to get my Personal Trainer Certification! I have been waiting for everything to be perfect, make my goal weight, etc. excuse, excuse, excuse! Well… I did it registered when the online class and Exam was on sale through Groupon! I didn’t even think about it, I just clicked BUY! I always planned on getting my Yoga Certification first, but I’m sure this will help me with that and who knows where this will take me?!?!? I’ve been debating between getting my Nutritional degree or going through Integrative. I have decided to keep pursuing my degree. Whatever my future path is I feel completely content in my decision, even though I have not shared this with hubby yet. I am nervous about his reaction. I really don’t wanna hear anything negative. I do NOT have the perfect body and that’s OK. I have been inspired by others who are not perfect, I don’t know why I feel like I have to be perfect to pursue this! Anyways… I’m excited and going to give this 110%!


I LOVE helping others! I feel so “complete” when I am motivating others! It really helps me to motivate myself as well! My secret dream would be a personal trainer that goes to peoples houses and helps them get out of their own way and find success!


I threw picture above in here! This really resonates with me on a very intense level! Kinda like transformers, “there is more than meets the eye!” I try to not judge a book by it’s cover and I have been really HARD on myself. I have been changing my thinking, my perspective, and in turn my whole life! I feel so positive right now! I had a couple weeks when I was sick and I was starting to get depressed! I no longer feel down. I feel hopeful that all the pieces are falling into place!


Stay tuned…. I have some AWESOME GIVEAWAYS coming up very soon. Also, if you could be so kind to like my Facebook page, I seem to be stuck on a number! I would be happy to give you a shout out if you leave me a message and leave your page or blog so I can follow/like back! Just click on ….. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Better-Late-Than-Never/1441064916105108

Hope you all are having an amazing week!!! XOXO Laurie~*


8 thoughts on “Why Not Me?! I Did Something BIG on a Leap of Faith~*

  1. Way to go…. it is an amazing post and inspiring. I am going thru some big professional changes and I keep telling myself that same thing I heard on TV too on Sunday night. Why not me??

    1. GO 4 IT GIRL! I just had to DO IT and NOT wait for the “Perfect Time” because that time may never come! XOXO #yougotthis

  2. So exciting!!!! Congrats on taking the leap. You’re going to rock the certification!

  3. oooH! love that picture about the gray areas…as tough as they are to sit with, they are often the fullest, juiciest moments of life 🙂 xo

    1. I totally AGREE!!! XOXO ❤ It was a pretty RANDOM add in my blog, I just had to do it!

  4. Great post! You just have to START – that’s the hardest part with anything. For months I debated on whether or not to start a blog. I knew I wanted to write but was waiting…for the right time, enough time…asking myself what IF no one reads it. Then I said, forget it, it’s something I WANT to do, who cares about the rest. So glad I did, because it turns out I love writing! So just keep going! Best of luck to you!

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