Happy Sunday — Getting Ready For a AWEOSME week!


This is the final week in the For The glow Resolution Challenge! I plan on giving it 110% this week! KNOCK ON WOOD, I THINK THE CASE OF THE NEVER-ENDING SICKIES HAVE FINALLY LEFT MY HOUSE! SO, today I am “slowly” cleaning, doing meal prep, meal planning, cleaning out the fridge, shopping, and probably MORE cleaning! Oh the can I get a……. BLAH?!?!? Laundry must be done too!

For The Glow — Just wanted to give y’all a heads up that lifetime membership pricing goes up tomorrow! To find out more read here — http://fortheglow.com/get-glowing-for-life/ !!!! It’s $189 until tomorrow FOR LIFE! After that the price is going to jump to Quarterly memberships: $119. Annual: $349. Lifetime: $799. Hurry before the price Jumps! Tell her Laurie Sent ya! P.S. I am just sharing because I FREAKIN LOVE IT. Just don’t wanna see anyone miss out! Even with the raised price it’s worth every penny! There are challenges all year long with AMAZING prizes, incentives etc. I can’t say enough good things about how Jennifer Jordan (For The Glow) has has had a positive impact on my life! If your in Seattle the Real Life classes ate the topping on the super-food cupcake!
If you have ANY questions just ask me!


OH SNAP! Starting my NEW Adventure to get my CPT, I LOVE school in general and already getting down on some studying! Closely followed by getting my Yoga Certification, and getting certified in Meditation through my local College. THEN… I have two quarters left starting Spring a class Summer Quarter. I may go on with my degree in Nutrition or who knows. But, gonna finish what I started and GET THOSE DEGREES! YAY ME!


Have a couple new Books I am LOVING right now~! Fire Starter is starting out great! I have her latest book, The Desire Map on it’s way! http://www.amazon.com/The-Desire-Map-Guide-Creating/dp/1622032519/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391978763&sr=8-1&keywords=the+desire+map. Also, picked up What Are You Hungry For by Deepak Chopra. (I’ll let you know how it is!)

Also, off topic of Inspirational books, I finished Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and it was AMAZING! Read or watch The Shining first, because it’s the squeal!


Well winter finally is here in my town! About 6-8 inches right now. So planning all my workouts for the week indoors, workout videos & classes & Treadmill at the gym! I know that’s not a lot of snow to most people, But I really don’t have the outside gear. Note to self….Invest in outside gear! LOL



I am experiencing a very AMAZING “FLOW” in my life right now. Getting workouts in, meditating every day. Good things keep coming my way! I’ve had plenty of times in my life where everything goes wrong! AGAIN……Knock on WOOD!


I’m really working on ME lately and I hope to keep up the momentum of living a positive life! I feel the positive energy even when little setbacks come up!

AnyHoo… Wishing everyone a very BLESSED week!

XOXO Laurie~*

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