Random Post Thursday~*


I can say with out a doubt that “Yes…I am having a Beautiful Life!”


Top 10 Healthy Habits I have adopted and stuck with!!!

1~* When I wake up I have H20 Ready infused with Lemon & Fresh juiced Ginger at room Temperature that I drink BEFORE I reach for the coffee pot!

2~* I stopped buying Coffees at drive-thru. My morning coffee is just coffee and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk!

3~* I try something new with weird names every couple weeks that I have heard about online of from For The Glow. Richtnow I am loving Maca Powder and Spurlina added to my smoothies!

4~* When I don NOT want to work out… It is a CLEAR sign that I MUST work out! It works better for me to get out of the house and drag my @$$ to the Gym. I am always thankful for that workout and give it double effort!

5~* I go Meatless one day a week.

6~* I wake up early. Lately this has been backfiring and I have been waking up too early! Like 4 am too early! My perferred time would be at least 5:30am so I am not dragging or in need of a nap that day!

7~* I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS can be found with a water bottle!!!

8~* I take a few minuets in the morning to meditate, journal, and plan my day.

9~* I take some ME time at the end of the day. Journal to reflect, meditate, read, and almost always…. a bath including lotsa bubbles!

10~* I text a friend, or hubby when I know I am not hungry, but just feel like eating out of boredom! I just say, Tell me I’m not hungry!” Then I get a text back, “Your not hungry!” Easy peasy.


Try It Thursday! I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a seriously hard Boot-Camp class before Yoga tonight! I have been watching from a bike, or elliptical.  I can’t even lie… just from watching this class is INTENSE! I will tell how if goes in the morning if I can walk! I think the hour Yoga class right after will help! It’s a relaxing in the dark with candles stretching kind of yoga class, which I am currently LOVING!!!


I am currently at Plateau weight. Even with great workouts and good eating. BUT< I can do better! So it’s time to BUST through this Plateau, figure out what needs to be switched up. I am taking a Mind-Body approach to this. I am getting out of my own way and stepping up my game! I KNOW I don’t have to be stuck here!

XOXO~ Laurie~*

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