Try It Tuesday ~ Listen While You Work Out Campaign ~ Review


Recently I was contacted via. Girls Gone Sporty to do a review on; The Listen While You Work Out Campaign at 

The Purpose of the Campaign…





When you start thinking about ways to motivate yourself and your readers to get back in shape this spring, why not consider audiobooks?!? Audiobooks are the ideal motivators for fitness, pushing listeners to run the extra mile, finish the extra set, or spend the extra twenty minutes on the elliptical in order to finish the next chapter of their favorite book on their iPod!

This February, Macmillan Audio will launch their second annual LISTEN WHILE YOU WORK OUT CAMPAIGN, encouraging people to get back in shape through audiobook listening. The campaign’s hub, which will go live in February, will be www.macmillanaudio/workout. Active listeners can join the program by signing up on the website and logging in the amount of minutes that they spent listening to audiobooks that week. The website will include sample audiobooks that will push listeners to work out longer, and examples of how many calories they will burn while listening to chapters from those particular audiobook while doing various activities. Each week, the website will highlight the top five listeners (who have worked out the most) and be updated with new audiobook releases, testimonials from participants, and words of encouragement to keep listeners on track to keep going and burn more calories!

The campaign will run from February to June and participants are encouraged to join at any point during that period in order to get in shape and enjoy great books while doing it.


I was a little skeptical at first!

I typically listen to music to get it going on the treadmill or other cardio equipment!

I was offered a audio book to get started. My taste is very general in books, so I left it up to them to pick something good for me! They picked the perfect audio book for me, Runner by Patrick Lee which had not been released yet. I really enjoyed this book. I believe this book is released to the Public today. I just finished this book and it was amazing!


When you go to the website You just simply log your activity and what you read. There are sample Audio books to try out each week. Which is a great way to know if you will be into a book or not!

There is also a giveaway at the bottom of the page.

There are a few drawbacks that hopefully the site will be working on:

1) There was not a real way to track hours except if you were one of the top participants of the week. I was told this may possibly change in the next year. (I was told a way of tracking calories burned should be going up at some point!

2) The samples do not directly link to a place where you can purchase. Hopefully, this will change! (It would be a lot easier to get a direct link to the books!)

However, there is a regular website and can be linked up on twitter @MacmillanAudio  or go directly to the website to look up audio books Macmillan Audio

Listening to audio books is a great way to “kill birds with one stone,” It is great way for people who “don’t have time” to read to get some good reading time in, and it may just push you a little longer to get to the next chapter.


What do you think? Would you try working out while listening to audio books? Do you prefer music? I’ve seen some people read on tablets while working out. (I’ve tried this.. It did not go well. If your workout is good enough, it’s too hard to try to read bouncing up and down! I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please leave your comments!



P.S. Seven and a half days left to enter the Pretty Muddy Race Giveaway! Don’t Miss out!


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