TGIT~ Thank God it’s Thursday ~ TMT ~Treat “ME” Thursday ~

I always have one day a week where I treat myself. OK sometimes two!

I am having a wonderful relaxing day! Got up early, got in a GREAT 50 min Yoga Video followed by… a little catch up on reading & Personal Journal Writing,  got some stuff done around the house, then had an AMAzzzZZZZzzzzzinG! Massage!!! I am lucky, my husbands insurance covers one visit a month with a $25 co-pay! I can’t recommend getting a personal massage enough! It really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I see great local deals on Groupon all the time. When I go to my massage therapist It’s like going to a Spa. She turns the light out, candles, incense, hot stones, soft spa music. If it wasn’t covered by my insurance it would cost only sixty-dollars. Not only is is great for my sore, falling apart body, it is SO GOOD for the Soul!

Think about what you could give up for this (I don’t even wanna call it an indulgence) necessity?

What could you give up?

Drive-thru coffee for 10 days!?

Paint your own toes and make your own spa nights with homemade face masks! “Ohhh…. great idea ME, I think I will do this after my PM Yoga- Breath Balance Class followed by a long wonderful bubble bath!”

Maybe next time you are in the store put something back when you are, asking yourself if you REALLY need this item! You probably don’t! Treat yourself to a massage!


What do you do to treat yourself?

I would love to hear what you do on a regular basis for self care. I have to get dinner on and get ready for Yoga class, but I would love to hear from you! Do you have a special day dedicated to you? What do you do for yourself? Have any DIY recipes to share?


XOXO Laurie~






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