Random Tuesday~*


A few things about me…

~I’ve never been a “crash dieter!” Anything weird I’ve never made it past day one.

~I can stick to a specific Nutritional Plan with real food. I don’t even think, I made it through a whole day Juicing. I can do juice for breakfast lunch, but then I WANT dinner!

~For example, the lemon juice/Cheyenne/Maple syrup….UMmmmm….. yeah that lasted until like 1pm.. then I binged! Cranberry water, a couple other weird ones, but I like to eat.

~I still struggle with binging (not to be confused with binge & purging.) Usually this involves white bread or pasta. Being gluten intolerant this is not fun after, but sometimes I just can’t control it.  And, I feel like I just had a out of body experience afterwards, there is noting mindful about it. It’s literally stuffing my face! It used to be pop, chips,  candy, fast food etc. But, really not like that in over a year. I try to keep those out of my fridge or in the house. After I usually want ice cream.

~I know exactly HOW to eat right!!! I just sometimes go against my better judgement and slip! Good News….. is I get right back on the wagon and I have been really good at not letting the guilt get to me!!!

My Intentions…

~Just to make it simple, EAT REAL FOOD.  Stick to nutritional plan approved foods.

~ Meal plan and prep every weekend.

~ Eat slowly and Enjoy!


I know I’ve said this before, but phone a friend when I feel like a binge. Or out myself online and get someone to talk me down.

HYPER-FOCUS Mindful Eating!!!

I am going to journal all meals, how I felt etc.


I register for Spring Quarter today! I am SO ready to be back in school! This quarter I gonna be rough, but I will only be a few credits shy of graduating after this quarter! So I will have my degree Summer~!

Going to work really hard at studying for my CPT, before school starts as well as studying NOW for the classes I have Spring!


Marathon training! It got COLD!!! So, the treadmill is gonna be my Best Friend! Less that 6 weeks to train!!! I will have my race, the first weekend after school starts.

One more thing….

DON’T MISS OUT! Tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveaway for the  Pretty Muddy Race. Enter to win…. RIGHT HERE 

I hope Everyone has a FABULOUS Tuesday!!!





  1. Eating can be tricky. All about learning what works best for us! I have a challenge group starting up April 7th for the 21-Day Fix. It’s all about learning proper portioning. No diet, just eating good for you foods and including your indulgences. Proper eating for a healthy lifetime. 🙂 Let me know if you are interested, I’d love to have you.

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