Happy Follow Friday & Friday Five #FF #TGIF


Happy Friday! Def a Big TGIF! This has been a long week, but a short February! I have to admit I am becoming a Inspiration Junkie, Is there a Blog, FB page, IG, Twitter account etc. etc. that you would like me to give a shout out on my Facebook Page Better Late Than Never ?!?!? Leave a comment on here, or under the #FF post on FB so I can spread some love around!!!


YES!!!! I truly believe there are no accidents!!! I keep meeting more and more AMAZING people online! More awesome blogs to follow, more Instagram pages that motivate me daily! Some peole you meet it’s just feels like OMG WOW! Where have you been all my life!?!?!?


Truth is….. I have a lot of things I will be doing this year that scare me!

Wanna know a secret?!? What scares me the most is Success!!!! Even more than the fear of failure, the fear of real success scares me the most!

BUT….. What’s the point?!?! We only get one life might as well live it to our FULL potential!


So you messed up? Ate a bad meal, didn’t get a workout in? Did a couple missed workouts make you feel like a failure? I did! I’m not afraid to admit it! Because, I am right back on track. Today is my tomorrow and I am ready to LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, have a NEW Adventure!!! I know how AWESOME eating clean and getting my workouts in feels! So, I am going to let myself FEEL it!!!

Just ONE of my GRAND Adventures for the Month of March……


The 30-Day Slimdown from For The Glow. I am NOT going on a diet!!! I am just taking my healthy lifestyle to a whole new Level!!! Anyone reading this a fellow #GlowGirl. (Comment Below) I can’t even start to tell you how excited I am to bring in March with this program! I am just a challenge kind of girl! I need accountability, and friends, and community!! With this I have all three!!! I just love how almost every month Jennifer Jordan changes up the program and the challenges are always fresh and new! It’s only been two weeks since the Resolution challenge and I am already jumping into a New Challenge! BRING IT ON!!!!

I have other things I am working on in the Month of March! Stay Tuned! I’m ready for some transformation. I have pretty much transformed my MIND! Now it’s time for my body to catch up! I am going for it 110%!!!

March…my Mantra for the month is….. I’m Possible!


I have a lot of plans for March so stay tuned!!

Reflection…….Friday FIVE….

Top 10 reasons I am stepping up my game this coming month to focus on weight loss!

1~* I NEED to bring down my cholesterol. (See doc in April)

2~* DUH…Bikini season is FAST approaching!

3~* Need to get rid of some extra weight that is dragging me down, not JUST physically, but emotionally!

4~* My doctor will be happy if I get rid of some belly fat and lose some weight! There is a possibility of getting off Blood Pressure and Cholesterol medicine if I can get my eating habits, and workout routine fine tuned….. The Extra Wight WILL come off!!! I’m not at all concerned with the actual # or counting calories! My body will tell me that I am making progress. FOCUS…Progress NOT Perfection!

5~* I have my FREAKIN VERY FIRST 5k to Run on April 5th!!!

Bring IT ON!!! ❤



2 thoughts on “Happy Follow Friday & Friday Five #FF #TGIF

  1. Congrats on your first 5k! That’s one race you will always hold close I’ll give you a shout out on FB – I do morning shout outs. Thank you for mentioning me as well. Have a great weekend!

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