It feels so freakin good to have my computer back!


Quick Post at 11:30 PM! I FINALLY got my computer back from the shop. Note to self NEVER buy another Gateway computer! I have a lot to catch up on. I was getting worried all I wanted was to know for sure I had a working computer in my possession! School officially starts Monday and I am back to being a full time student, with one of my classes online! I missed a lot of writing opportunities! It was like just as soon as my computer took a $hi* I had more stuff than even I could of been doing! O well, It’s fixed (fingers crossed!) and ready to get back at it.

I really did learn a lot, maybe it was just the break/refresher I needed to get my booty in gear. I feel so much gratitude to have it back and working, maybe there was a lesson in all this?!?! I did not directly jump on my computer as soon as I got home from Yoga class tonight, instead I ate, cleaned the kitchen, and got ready for my day tomorrow! Coffee is set, Lemon/Ginger H20 ready to drink first thing in AM.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this on here… I got accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador. I was really excited about this and my darn computer stopped working the day after I got the news. Let’s just say it was on my wish list! I feel very honored to have been selected!

Anyways, I just wanted to stop in and say HEY…….

I have a lot of good things heading my way and I am excited to share!





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