Hello Spring ~ Random Thoughts Tuesday ~


First of all I would like to start with some reflection. Ever since I got my computer back and started school Full Time again, I have been faced with a slight “creativity block!” I’m only into my second week and it’s already kicking my booty! It’s not bad, but as far as blogging I always feel like I need to be studying or doing homework. I am also faced with the challenge of keeping up with my workouts, the house, and other commitments. Which left me with a huge “creative block” when it comes to blogging! I am going to make a commitment to get my life in a better balance.

I’m doing a Spring Cleanse through For The Glow, this is making my life much easier. I have my workouts and meals planned for me! I haven’t go to where I want to when it comes to Spring Cleaning the house!


I signed up with a friend for Bloomsday 12K in Spokane Washington. I have about 4 weeks to train. This is a big deal for me, I have never ran this distance before and I hear there is a killer hill! I also, have two things I need to get in check, my hips & back! Massage and Physical Therapy are going to be my friends and my…. “make it or break it! ” I’ve been having a lot of back and hip issues lately so I have mostly been sticking to my normal Yoga Night classes (these help…and help keep me sane!) And, my at home workouts! But, it’s time to kick this in high gear! P.S. This is also my first race EVER! I had a 5k scheduled, but my back and hips were too big of a issue to really train and run this. I’ve been wanting to run this for YEARS! It’s about a hour 45 min away and I have a carpool. So no excuses! If I have to walk part of it…so be it!


Well, I plan on getting back into the flow of blogging everyday and get my life better scheduled out in order to keep my sanity!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!! XOXO!



2 thoughts on “Hello Spring ~ Random Thoughts Tuesday ~

  1. Good luck with the 12k. I hope all of your body parts cooperate! : )

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