Happy Soul Sunday~*

Happy Sunday!!! Time to feed my soul and get super prepared for a crazy busy week!! Can’t sleep (Awake since 2am UGH!)so got up and got my day started off by reading a little from Miracles Now, by Gabby Bernstein!


I am on Miracle Message #3 — I want to feel supported, I must support myself.


I probably couldn’t sleep, because I have way too much on my mind! So it’s time to get prepared for a SUPER BUSY week! Plan my workouts, meals, homework assignments, home stuff. Set my intentions for the week!

I have to admit, I have been feeling overwhelmed lately! I am am only two weeks in to Spring Quarter and my days have been crazy! So for once I am gonna be completely prepared! I have an exam to take today, house to clean, laundry, grocery shopping, meal plan, meal prep… I will stop! You get the idea! The KEY to go into this week Fully Prepared! Also, schedule in a nice nap today and some ME time! It is so important to put myself first lately! Sunday’s are for feeding my soul! And, every little thing I can do to be prepared for my week is ONLY in MY best interest! “I want to feel supported, I must support myself. ” This message really resonates with me today! The house isn’t going to clean itself! The meals aren’t going to cook themselves etc. And my major 4 Chapter Exam will not get ACE itself, if I am not prepared for it! That is first on my list after I make out my weekly intentions!


The opposite is true, if I over-plan, I am setting myself up for failure!

Well, Coffee here I come. This week better be READY for ME! Because, I am going to be READY FOR IT!~*

I want to hear from YOU~!

How are you preparing for your week?!?!?








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